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6 Reasons Why You Should Downsize Your House in Chesapeake

Some people don’t even realize it, but the house they live in is no longer the optimal one for their life and needs. Maybe at one point this was the perfect house for you, but now, after 5, 10, 15 yrs or more, whether or not you feel it, you may be living in the … Continued

Four Tips For Downsizing Your House In Norfolk

Downsizing happens more often than you think. Almost all people do this, especially as they get older and the kids leave home. Here are 4 tips to help you downsize wisely in Norfolk.  Sell Your Stuff! Yes, this may be hard to hear, especially if you are a bit of a hoarder at heart 🙂 … Continued

Foreclosure Options – How To Keep Your House

Hi everyone, this is Alex from Costal Edge Homebuyers. Are you dealing with a situation where you’re facing foreclosure? If you are, we may be able to help you out. I’m a home retention specialist with Costal Edge Homebuyers, and I wanted to let you know that please don’t fret, there is a “light at … Continued

Downsize in Portsmouth – sell my house fast

Hi there folks, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. This video is for you if you’ve got a house that you’re wondering about how you sell fast, maybe you’re downsizing and imagine that you have a house let’s say in Portsmouth, Virginia and you want to downsize and move to a smaller place, maybe … Continued

How To Sell Inherited House Fast As Is

Hey guys, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Did you inherit a house in Portsmouth Virginia and you may have been wondering “What do I do with this place now?”, it needs a lot of work, I prefer to sell it fast for cash, “What are my options?” Now, everybody knows that you can … Continued

Stop Foreclosure in Chesapeake VA

Hi this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. If you have a house in Chesapeake and you're facing foreclosure, please don't be afraid. This is a situation that happens to many people. Sometimes there's a better way just to make a new fresh start and sometimes there's ways to actually keep the house if you're facing that situation. It doesn't matter what happened in the past. What matters now is what we do now, right? It is not wise to put your head in the sand and just imagine that you know nothing is happening. We need to take some sort of action right, so if you're facing foreclosure, you may have been getting letters from the mortgage company. The situation might have been connected to a deceased person, or maybe you couldn't catch up with the mortgage, maybe there was some misunderstanding with the mortgage company, whatever the case is, we can help.

Need To Sell A House With Tenants in Norfolk

Hi, everybody. This is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house in Norfolk, Virginia and you've got non-performing tenants, and you’re wondering, “How do I sell this house fast?” We can help you out. We’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers. We buy houses as-is, anywhere in the Hampton Roads area, including, of course, Norfolk. And guess what? We can buy the house even with the tenants still in it! It's Ok if maybe you haven't been inside the place for a while. Maybe they are not letting you in. Maybe they have evil dogs, or whatever the case may be. I say this, because we've had all types of cases over the years, but we have helped number of people in these situations where the tenants are non-performing. They haven't paid rent in a while...

How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash, As-Is, In Virginia Beach?

Hi everybody, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house in Virginia Beach and you're wondering “How do I sell my house fast?”, if so, this is what we specialize in. You've come to the right place. If you have a house that you need to sell fast as-is, without doing any repairs, any cleanup and you don't want to go through a realtor, we may be your best option. We specialize exactly in working with people in situations where they need to sell fast, to them that is most important - to sell it as-is and they are not really willing to do any rehabbing, or going the realtor way, paying commissions and all of that, so if you actually have a house that you wanted to sell fast for cash...

Sell Inherited House Fast For Cash

Hi there folks, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house in Newport News, Virginia and you're wondering “How do I sell my house fast for cash?” well, if yes then you've come to the right place. We help people every day in many different situations where their goal is to sell the house as soon as possible for cash, without doing any repairs, without going through a realtor. We help people like that all the time, the situations may be very different as far as what's causing you to want to do that type of a deal, but I'm going to give you a quick example here - we had a case where we had a two brothers, they owned the house in Newport News and their father passed away last October.

Sell Your House Quickly For Cash In Hampton Roads

Hey everybody, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house that you need to sell fast? Do you know what your options are, what is the best way to do this? Do you just call an agent? Do you want to sell by yourself a sale by owner, or do you call a direct home buyer like us? We're Coastal Edge Homebuyers and we specialize in buying houses as-is, no repairs, no cleaning, cash offers, locally in the 7 Cities of Hampton Roads.

Sell My House Fast In Hampton

Hi there, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house in Hampton, Virginia and you're wondering “How do I sell my house fast?” There might have been a number of different reasons why you've come to that conclusion, but a lot of people that call us say “hey I've done some math and the house needs a lot of work I don't want to put in time and money to fix it up” or maybe they don't have the means to do that and they say “okay, I've done some math if I sell the house for $250,000 even as-is even though ...

How to Sell My Rental House Fast, As Is

Hello everyone, this video is for those of you who have a property that you've been renting out, maybe more than even one or two properties, and you've had some bad tenants over time and now it's time for you to retire and you're probably thinking about downsizing your portfolio and especially if you're tired of renting it out, when the tenants were not really performing well for a number of reasons, and that happens all too often to many of us who own properties, so what happens basically is, many people simply would not care as much as the owner for a property. More often than not, they're not going to really care that much for it, sometimes they will be even non-performing tenants - where they're either late or not making payments.

Sell A House In Hampton That Needs Lots Of Repairs

You probably never thought this would happen to you, but here we go, 20 yrs after you bought that 2nd house, you are faced with selling it but it needs a lots of repairs… you used it as a rental, the tenants pretty much destroyed most things in the house, regardless of how new or … Continued

Sell my House As Is in Portsmouth

Hi everyone, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house in Portsmouth Virginia that you're trying to sell, but you don't want to go through a realtor and you're wondering “What are my options here? Can I sell my house direct? Can I sell my house without any inspections and without doing any repairs? I don't want the house.” There could be a number of reasons why you may want to go that route. One is maybe you're just downsizing and you're maybe even out of state already, or about to leave the state, you don't want to deal with realtors, you don't want to do any repairs. Maybe you've had it as a rental for many years, maybe that place wasn't kept up with the repairs and in that case you're just thinking Okay, I don't want to do any repairs anymore...