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Four Tips For Downsizing Your House In Norfolk

Downsizing happens more often than you think. Almost all people do this, especially as they get older and the kids leave home. Here are 4 tips to help you downsize wisely in Norfolk. 

Elderly man and a woman hold house belongings during a move - downsizing.

Sell Your Stuff!

Yes, this may be hard to hear, especially if you are a bit of a hoarder at heart 🙂 but it would be smart to wise up about your stuff and think hard about whether or not you need everything you have in the house. Many of us collect things over the years and you find stuff that you brought into the house years ago and then you realize you have not looked at this stuff, or used it, for in a long time. There is one cool rule – if you don’t use something in one year (passing through all seasons once), then you probably don’t need it! So, what do you do with the stuff you don’t need? Sell it – Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp App, Craigslist, do a yard sale, sell to friends or family, etc. In this day and age, selling stuff online has never been easier and faster, because of the huge and quick exposure you get. All you need is a smart phone – take pics, post, and get the stuff sold in Norfolk.

Get Rid of All The Duplicates…

You have no idea how many things you have that are probably duplicates and you will need only one of them going forward. Living in Norfolk, as in most  cities in USA, you do not need 3 cars for example, especially if there is good local transportation, or, you don’t 12 chairs anymore, especially if you do not gather family around as often (or ever) anymore. Same goes for bed sheets, pillows, comforters, extra beds, power extension cords, etc. You would be surprised of how many duplicates you have of the same things when, in reality, you would need only one of each kind… the truth comes when you do a quick inventory! Just do it!

Give Your Stuff Away!

This is a good one – give it away to charity – it will make you feel better! Trust us! There are many people and organizations to give to – friends in need, random strangers, local churches and charities, schools and colleges (they like to take computers), Salvation Army, etc. Just look up some local institutions in Norfolk. We’re sure you’ll find many that take donations. Moreover, if you want the easiest way to get rid of stuff – just post in on Craigslist or Facebook as Free Stuff and leave it out on the curb by your house. You do not have to meet with people, you don’t even have to be home, they will just come by and pick it up for free!

Fill Your New Space…

It is also important to have at least some overlap between the time you move out and the move in day for your new place. Don’t forget to take measurements in your new space, so you know what (and what size) furniture you will need there. That will also help you what stuff to designate for sale or donations, as described above. Also, the less stuff you move, the easier and cheaper your move will be. And don’t worry, even if you gave away one extension cord too many, these things are easier to buy cheap or even find as free stuff. And enjoy the new space – filling it should be a joyful experience!

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