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Options For Selling Your Inherited House

Options For Selling Your Inherited House

Hi there, this video is for you if you have a house in Chesapeake, VA that you inherited and now you’re trying to sell it. What are your options? What can you do with an inherited house? Now, in many cases when a house is inherited, usually it belonged to an elderly person, maybe it’s full of antiques and furniture and things like that and it’s hard to actually go through a rehabbing project on such a house. If you want to get a great return on investment, I would advise you to do a rehab, a complete rehab and believe me – it takes a lot of time and money to do that these days, but yes you can absolutely do that. This can get complicated if you have multiple heirs – more people involved – and some of them may or may not be even in the area right, so what do you do in this case? Well one of the best ways is to actually sell the house as-is.

Selling Your House Through A Realtor

You can go on the regular Market through a realtor and sell it now. If the house needs a lot of work though, it will probably end up in the hands of a rehabber, just like us, or you can skip all of that – skip the agents and just come directly to us and talk to us. We’re going to give you a cash offer on the spot. When you sell through a realtor, it’s a little bit of a more involved process – so you will sign an agreement with them, they’re going to represent you, you’re going to pay them commissions (usually that’s about 6%) and then maybe on top of that you may have to pay anywhere between 0 to 4% of closing cost assistance, so there’s taxes and fees that you have to pay when you sell to a realtor and you’re going to deal with multiple showings and you will usually have no control over the closing date.

Selling Your House To A Direct Cash Buyer

Now, let’s contrast that with the option of actually sell directly to someone like us – there’s no commissions, there’s no inspections, no multiple showings. You just call us, we come out, we take a look at the house, we give you a cash offer on the house as- is – it’s really that simple. That’s it if you want quick & easy, we may be the better choice than any other way you may be considering and the reason is because we buy with cash, we buy fast, in fact – you can choose your own closing date too. Imagine that you have things in the house and you need a certain amount of time (before we close), maybe you want to go through the things, maybe you want to sell some of those items and maybe you have a desired date you want to close by, yes, we can arrange that. But, if you go on the regular Market through an agent, you have almost no control on the closing date.

Benefits To Selling To A Direct Buyer

We can buy it as fast as a couple of weeks, or you can wait as long as you want, so basically you have that flexibility. Also we control the whole process and it’s very quick and easy. When you work with us, it’s really the simplest way to sell a house – is to sell it to a cash buyer just like us, because we buy as-is and here’s another piece of good news – you can sell whatever you want from the house, you can keep some items, but whatever you don’t need, you just leave it there, leave it as-is it’s really that simple. You don’t have to pay anybody to do cleanup, you don’t have to buy a container or anything like that, to clean up the house, no inspections, no repairs, you know – it’s really quick and simple, and easy, and then if you have multiple heirs who actually have claim towards the house, it’s very easy to divide money, than it is to actually go through a rehabbing project sell it on the market, then divide money, because in the beginning if you want to do a rehab by yourselves, you may face a lot of difficulties – somebody has to put up with the contractors, somebody has to do project management, you have to put in a lot of money for parts and labor, so it may become very cumbersome process, so usually it’s much easier, especially with inherited houses and multiple airs, to actually sell it as-is to a direct buyer, just like us.

Now, if you’re in doubt, or if you’re not sure where to start, it’s okay – just give us a call! There’s no obligation, we’re going to help you by giving you all of your available options, we’re going to help you choose the best one, and that would be it even if we end up not buying the house from you! You have absolutely nothing to lose – just give us a call at: 757-414-7117.

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