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How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash, As-Is, In Virginia Beach?

How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash, As-Is, In Virginia Beach

Hi everybody, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house in Virginia Beach and you’re wondering “How do I sell my house fast?”, if so, this is what we specialize in – you’ve come to the right place! If you have a house that you need to sell fast, as-is, without doing any repairs, any cleanup and you don’t want to go through a realtor, we may be your best option. We specialize exactly in working with people in situations where they need to sell fast, to them that is most important – to sell it as-is and they are not really willing to do any rehabbing, or going the realtor way, paying commissions and all of that, so if you actually have a house that you wanted to sell fast for cash, give us a call, you’ll be happy you did, because we’re going to go over all of your options and we’re going to help you choose the best one for you.

Why Would You Want To Sell Your House Fast?

So, what prompts people to be in this situation to actually call us and think that we may be their best option? Well, you may be a number of reasons where you need to sell fast for cash. There may be a medical situation and you need money fast, maybe you’re going through a divorce and you want to go with the path of least resistance to get this done as soon as possible and sell the house, maybe you’re downsizing, maybe you have number of properties and maybe you already live out of state, maybe you’ve retired and moved to Florida… whatever the situation is, you may not want to do any rehab project here, especially if you’re not around in the state, or in the city and you just want to sell it as-is faster for cash. Okay, so if you want to go that route we may be a great choice for you! Give us a call, we’re going to be happy to give you an offer – fair and square on the spot. Our offers are based on two things – condition and location. It’s really that simple. Of course, we look at the current trends of the market what the pricing of everything is and we’re going to give you a fair and square offer. We don’t do lowball offers. We do fair offers based on the current condition of the house.

Trust and Assurance Is What We Offer And People Love It

Many people love to work with us, because of our loyalty, trust, and because whatever we say we do. If we give you a price, that would be it, you know we don’t do any negotiations afterwards, or anything else. There’re no hidden fees – whatever you hear is what you get on the closing table. It’s really that simple with us. Our process actually for you to sell your house is quite simple – you call us, we come out, we take a look at the property, we ask you a few questions, then we give you a fair offer on the spot or sometimes within 24 hours if we need to do any extra research, but usually it’s right on the spot and then you just sit and relax two to three weeks you get to sit down on a closing table, you get your money and it’s really done deal! It’s really that simple. There’re no banks involved. We use our own cash, that’s why we say we buy with cash and in that way there is no need to wait for any approval process. There are no complicated inspections, there’s none of that so, this is especially helpful for people who are going through some type of situation. Again, I already mentioned some things earlier, but just to add on to that, it could be a probate situation it could be some liens, some tax situation, maybe foreclosure, something that is prompting you to sell your house as-is, without you needing to do any cleanup any repairs and you need to have money faster. We provide that – faster way to cash. Okay so, even if you’re not sure what’s going to happen and how we work, give us a call you’ll be glad you did! We’re going to go over all of your options we’re going to help you select the best one for you.

Would You Trust Someone Who Does Not Care About You?

You know, another thing that people love about working with us is because we truly care! We’re going to go over all of your options and even if the option that we would choose (select for you) does not involve us buying the house, it’s perfectly fine – because we care about getting your goals achieved, so if your goal is better to be actually putting it on the regular Market, through an agent, we’re going to tell you that, but if it’s maybe your goals are connected to something else, where a faster cash offer will work better for you, then we may be a better option. Not only that, but we’re always open and willing to help people with their stuff int eh house also, that’s something else that you probably will not get if the house ends up on the regular Market with an agent. We’ve helped numerous people in many different situations with certain living arrangements, moving things, moving services for certain stuff that you may want from the house, and number of those other things. These are extra services that we can offer sometimes even completely free of charge, so again, if you’re unsure, give us a call you’ll be glad you did! We care for other people in our community. We’re a local business from Virginia Beach, and we serve anywhere in the 7 Cities of Hampton Roads. so if you want to talk to us, if you have a house you need to sell, give us a call at: 757-414-7117 and we’ll be happy to serve you!

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