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Sell My House Fast In Hampton

Sell My House Fast In Hampton

Hi there, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Do you have a house in Hampton, Virginia and you’re wondering “How do I sell my house fast?” There might have been a number of different reasons why you’ve come to that conclusion, but a lot of people that call us say “hey I’ve done some math and the house needs a lot of work I don’t want to put in time and money to fix it up” or maybe they don’t have the means to do that and they say “okay, I’ve done some math if I sell the house for $250,000 even as-is even though it’s worth a lot more if it’s fixed up, if I sell it for that much (250k) I’m going to pay at least fifteen thousand dollars in closing costs, that means you got to pay the real estate agents, seller’s side and buying side, then you may have to pay some closing costs assistance, which can be anywhere between zero and four percent and that could be up to ten thousand dollars on a $250,000 house and then there’re the inspections, there’re the multiple showings, the staging, the cleanup – all of that involves time and money and if you do the math, you may not be as much better off as it is let’s say if you sell it directly to a home buying company, a direct home buyer like us – Coastal Edge Homebuyers.

Why Would You Sell To A Direct Buyer?

What’s the benefit of selling to a direct buyer? Well, there’re no commissions, no multiple showings, as-is means exactly that – in any condition, the house can be sold to us, it doesn’t matter if it’s cleaned up, it doesn’t matter if you have old stuff in there from decades ago, doesn’t really matter at all. What we look at is the structure of the house when we get you an offer, so it doesn’t matter what’s in it, so basically when you’re selling direct to a company like ours, you’re selling it as-is, there’s no commissions, no fees, not even closing costs, so whatever you hear is what you get on the closing table! It’s really as simple as it sounds, so there’s a lot of simplicity and speed in doing such transaction – to sell to us and that’s why some people call us and again, we don’t buy every house we see, but in some cases, we’re a great fit. Now, if you’re looking to get all the dollars you possibly can from the house, the best way to do it is to put money into the house, sell it through an agent – yes you’re going to pay commissions, but you’ll probably end up getting more that way, if you have the time especially, if you have the money also, to actually put into the house rehab as much as you can, and then put it on the market. This is no secret, right? That’s how you get the most out of your investment. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a quicker transaction, if you need to sell fast for whatever reason, there could be some type of distress in your life, the house may have been neglected for years, it doesn’t matter what the case is – call us! We’re going to go over all of your options and we’re going to help you choose the best one based on your situation. This is exactly what we specialize in.

Know Your Selling Options

There’s no obligation from us, even if you call us and we come out we take a look at the house we’ll give you an offer there’s absolutely zero obligation on your part. That’s why a lot of people call us – just for the advice, because we’re real estate experts and we are investors and we’re going to be able to actually help you out in whatever your situation is, it doesn’t even matter if we buy the house from you, but we are a great fit for people who need to sell fast, so if you have a house, let’s say located in Hampton, Virginia or anywhere in the other six cities of Hampton Roads, give us a call – you’re not going to regret it! You’ve got nothing to lose. You can reach us at 757-414-7117.

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