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How to Sell My Rental House Fast, As Is

How to Sell My Rental House Fast, As Is

Hello everyone, this video is for those of you who have a property that you’ve been renting out, maybe more than even one or two properties, and you’ve had some bad tenants over time and now it’s time for you to retire and you’re probably thinking about downsizing your portfolio and especially if you’re tired of renting it out, when the tenants were not really performing well for a number of reasons, and that happens all too often to many of us who own properties, so what happens basically is, many people simply would not care as much as the owner for a property. More often than not, they’re not going to really care that much for it, sometimes they will be even non-performing tenants – where they’re either late or not making payments.

Can You Sell A House With A Tenant?

I know in the last several years during Covid that was even a bigger issue. Some people took it as a free ride for a while, without having to pay rent, which of course wasn’t the main intention of everything, but some things actually did happen of that nature, so maybe now it’s time for you to downsize your portfolio. You want to sell some properties, one or two or more, especially if you’ve had a bad tenant which actually, they may still be in the property now. Believe it or not, you can still sell it! We Buy Houses in any condition, anywhere in the Hampton Roads area. So, imagine a scenario where you have a house, let’s say it’s in Chesapeake, Virginia. You’ve had some tenants that were good and then some bad and then the latest tenants were pretty much destroying the place and now you’re just over it. You just got them out and you just want to sell. What do you do with the place?

What Are Your Selling Options For a Rental?

You can fix it up and sell it, for sale by owner, or maybe through a realtor, or you can sell it as-is. A lot of people choose that (last) option and those are the ones that we most often work with. These are people who actually have had the property destroyed partially or fully by the last tenants and basically they just say “hey, I want to sell it as-is, I don’t want to do any repairs, I’m over it, I’ve done this for 20, 30 years now, I just want out, I want to get whatever I can for the property, as-is, in its current condition and that’s it. I don’t want to deal with realtors. I just want to sell it fast”. If that’s who you are, in your situation, then we may be a great match for you. This is exactly what we specialize in. We’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers.

What To Know About Selling A Rental

We help people in situations where they want to downsize or they want to sell fast for a number of different reasons, it could be bad tenants in fact the tenants may still be in the house and you still may want to sell it and guess what – yes we can buy it even with the tenants in! There are some exceptions to the rule, but hey if you don’t know what the options are, just give us a call –  we’ll be happy to work something out with you. If we can, we’ll buy it even with the non-performing tenants in it. We’ve had cases like that as recently as a month ago, when we purchased a house in Portsmouth and the tenants were still in the place. We’re going to take care of everything afterwards. You don’t have to worry about anything. Of course we’re going to ask for some documentation to see what the current situation with the lease is, or if there’s one at all, and then we’re going to take it from there. So, just because you have non-performing tenants, or you have bad tenants, it’s not the end of the world. You can still sell the property as-is, even if the tenants are still living in it and you can’t get them out or simply you do not wish to go through the process of eviction, which of course we know it’s not a quick or easy process. You have to go through the court system and so on, so if you have a house that you need to sell as-is that you’ve had as a rental for a long time and you say “hey I’m done being a landlord”, “I just want to sell it fast for cash in its current condition”, give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to work with you. We’ll give you a fair cash offer on the spot, based on the value of the property as-is and that’s it! In about two-to-three weeks, you’re going to walk out with cash in your pocket. It’s really that simple and easy. We handle all the paperwork and guess what – we also pay for all of your closing costs! There is going to be no other fees, there’s nothing hidden with us, there’re no commissions. Whatever you hear is what you get! It’s really that simple, so if you have a house that you need to sell in Chesapeake, Virginia, or the surrounding areas, give us a call – we’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers and you can find this online at CoastalEdgeHomebuyers.com or you can call us directly at: 757-414-7117.

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