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What To Do In Foreclosure In Hampton VA

What To Do In Foreclosure In Hampton VA

Hi everyone, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. In today’s video, I wanted to address those of you that maybe facing foreclosure in Hampton, VA and you may be wondering “How do I sell my house fast in foreclosure?” Why would you be doing that? Well, a lot of people do want to save their houses and stay in them, even if you’re facing foreclosure. the First Choice usually is not to leave the house, not to lose the house. Well, in some cases that’s doable and there are several different strategies and I’m going to go over a couple of those with you today, and if you’re facing such situation, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to go over all of these options for you – everything that is available to you beyond what’s in this video and we’re looking at every person and every house as a separate situation and we see what are the ways that we can help you to retain the ownership of your home and if worse comes to worse, sometimes it’s actually better to have a fresh start and sell the house.

You Can Sell Your House Before The Foreclosure Auction

If you sell it before the foreclosure happens, you actually gain two benefits – number one: you can get some cash number two: you’re avoiding foreclosure on your credit, which can be a big “ding” about 80-90 points and if you have a foreclosure you will not be able to get a mortgage for eight or nine years after that, so if you want to do a new fresh start somewhere else, it may be very difficult if you actually go through the Foreclosure. So, how can you help yourself? Or, how can we help you? Well, first of all, as I said earlier, we can go over all of the options available to you, based on your particular situation, so we can help you pick the best one for you and your family, so you can keep your house. If that’s not feasible – doing things such as loan modification or even bankruptcy, we are not bankruptcy lawyers mind you, but we can actually advise you of that option if there’s nothing else that will work for you. There’re several different ways, each one of them has different Pros and Cons. One of them is actually to sell your house and we can help you with that directly, because we do buy houses anywhere, in any condition – no repairs, no inspections, no cleaning, as-is, super fast & simple and that can save you. In some cases this can also put some money in your pocket, and offer you a free chance to start somewhere else, and be able to get another mortgage, because, again, if you do avoid the foreclosure by selling the house before the foreclosure (auction) occurs, then the foreclosure will not happen technically, so you will be off of that, so it’s not going to affect your credit, or your chances to buy another house.

What To Do If You Don’t Know Where To Turn

We help people in such situations all the time, every day, in all of the 7 Cities of Hampton Roads, of course including Hampton, so, again if you’re facing foreclosure, please don’t be afraid. Just give us a call. There’re no obligations if you call us, we’re not going to call you every day and see what happens, we’re going to actually work with you throughout the process. We’re going to be on your side and we’re going to work with you to see what’s best for you and your family and if there’s a way to save your house, we will go over all of these options exactly for that purpose. So, we will try to work this out and do it on-time, just, please don’t wait until the last minute, because if you call us couple of weeks before the auction, we cannot help you. We need a minimum of a month (or two) in advance, to actually work on things for you, so again, our services are free. If we can help you, great, but if not, it’s perfectly fine, you can go on your way and we’ll wish you good luck but if you are facing such a situation, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers, and you can reach us at: 757-4147-7117.

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