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Sell Your Inherited House in Chesapeake

Sell Your Inherited House in Chesapeake

Hi everyone, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Today we’re going to talk about houses in Probate and how to sell them fast, if you’ve inherited (such) a house. Let’s imagine it’s located in Chesapeake, Virginia and you live out of state. You may have brothers and sisters and maybe all of you live in different places in the country. You had a grandparent or someone else that lived here, maybe they passed away, the house maybe wasn’t well kept up with all the repairs, and the updates and now the house is full of stuff. Somebody passed away there and you’re wondering “what do I do now?”…

The 2 Options For Selling Your House

You can go through a probate process that may be something you have to do anyway, and as far as selling the house, you have couple of choices. The easiest and most (basically painless) way would be to sell it fast for cash, to a company like ours, we’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers and we buy houses as-is anywhere in the Hampton Roads area, of course including Chesapeake. Now, what else could you do though? Well, you have another choice – you can actually sell the house through a realtor, but you may have to do some cleanup if you want to get maximum return on investment. You probably have to do a full rehab, a clean up, and then stage it to sell it through an agent. It will take a lot of thousands of dollars, a lot of time you have to spend – staging, inspections… it can get complicated if you have brothers and sisters. Someone has to manage the (construction) projects and believe me, this is a very hard process to go through, because you know we rehab houses. It can take two-to-four months, it’s project management you have to have boots on the ground here in Chesapeake, someone has to watch over the construction crews and how they do their jobs, to make sure they do what they’re supposed to do and get paid, so it can get kind of complicated it may not be the best way to go, especially if you want to get out of this quick and easy there’s nothing better or quicker or easier than to actually sell fast to an investor like us.

How We Buy Inherited Houses Fast

We buy houses as-is anywhere in the Hampton Roads area and we’re going to buy the house as-is – no inspections. We’re gonna of course want to see the place, so we can give you an accurate offer, but beyond that, we’re going to give you a fast cash offer, closing about three weeks or so, you’re going to walk away with cash in your pocket and, cash is much easier to spread out between the members of the family versus if you have to get everybody together to do a construction project or renovation project on the house, so you can understand how that can get pretty complicated if you attempt to do it, especially if you have siblings, so basically, when you sell the house fast for cash, you’re getting a cash offer.

The Ease Of Selling An Inherited House Fast To A Direct House Buyer

Sometimes, we have some other creative financing options that we can go over if that’s feasible for you, otherwise it’s going to be quick and easy cash offer with us doing all the paperwork and get this you don’t have to do anything to the house – no repairs, no cleanup, exactly as you see it there. You can of course take some things that you want out of it, but outside of that it’s the super quick and easy way to sell a house. We come out there, we take a look we get to the offer, close in three weeks, you get your cash and it’s really that simple. We do all the paperwork you have to do really nothing else besides just sit and wait for your money. You don’t even have to be present here for the appointment if you have someone to show us the house, or if there’s a lock somewhere that we can open, or maybe you have a neighbor or relative here who can show us the house and for the closing, we can also do that remote. You don’t have to come here. We do all of our closings through a local attorney group, not an issue if you live far, we can mail you the documents so it’s really quick and easy. So, if you have a house that you’ve inherited and you want to sell it fast for cash, there’s no quicker and easier way than to sell it to someone like us, like Coastal Edge Homebuyers! Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did. At least we’re going to go over your options and you can see where you’re at in the process and if you’re ready, then we can process the transaction. You can reach us directly at 757-414-7117.

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