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Need to Sell Your Home Quickly in Chesapeake? Here’s Why Working with a Direct Home Buyer is Your Best Option

Need to sell your Chesapeake house fast? This article shows why it’s better to sell to a direct house buyer as opposed to working with a realtor. The reason is simple. In many cases, selling through a realtor will take 2-3 months. This can go further to 3-6 months if the house is prices too high or if the house is not in great shape. See below what are the specific advantages in selling your home faster by working with a direct home buyer.

1. There Are No Banks Involved at All

When you sell through a realtor, in most cases you will be working with a buyer who will be getting a bank loan. This usually involves a long and tedious process of supplying tens of packs of documents to a bank. This will take a significant amount of time. Also, your timing of selling the house is primarily controlled by the bank, not you or your buyer or the realtors representing you and the buyer. The banks do everything on their terms and their desired timeline. So, good luck if you want to exercise any type of control over the process for getting a loan for your buyer. Moreover, sometimes the loan may not be approved on the 11th hour and the deal may fall through. Guess what, at that time, 2 months may have passed by, and then you need to start the whole process all over again, with a new buyer and a new bank. Such issues do not exist when you are working with a direct home buyer like us, because we do not use banks. We use cash for the deal or a private money lender and that allows us to close on any date YOU want.

2. No Inspections to Wait For

When you are working with a direct buyer to purchase your Chesapeake house, you do not have to wait for lengthy inspections to be passed or worry about the house “not passing” inspections. Think about it – when you sell through a realtor, the buyer will hire a home inspector, who will try to be as neutral as possible, but guess what – they are hired by the buyer, so they will find every possible issue with your house and your buyer’s agent will definitely use that report to negotiate the price as necessary for the best benefit of the buyer, not you. Moreover, a termite and moisture inspection is also needed. We know you would never be looking forward to such inspections, or the results of such. In essence, when working with a direct home buyer like us, we’d buy the house exactly “as-is”, in any condition.

3. No Multiple Showings to Deal With

Did you know that when you sell your house through an agent, you will be required to do fixes, cleaning and staging, to make the house as nice and presentable as possible? What if this is not your priority? The agent will still want you to take steps to fix and clean the house, and to show it to many possible buyers. That may or may not be feasible or desirable for you, especially if the house is not in good shape, or if you or your family members spend a lot of time in the house. Multiple showings can be a big inconvenience for your and your family. When you work with a direct home buyer, you will only show the house a couple of times to the acquisitions manager and a rehab crew manager, and that’s about it. Showing the house several times to a direct house buyer does not compare to the inconvenience of showing it multiple times to tens of people – potential buyers. Moreover, the cleanliness of the house, or the clutter inside, has no bearing on the price you will get offered by the direct home buyer.

4. No Drawn-Out Escrow Process

When you are ready to sell your house in Chesapeake, you never want to deal with a long-drawn escrow process with all the requirements and hoops the buyer needs to jump through to obtain a bank loan and dealing with multiple inspections. We know this is not in your best interest, especially when you want to sell sooner rather than later. A direct home buyer like Coastal Edge Homebuyers is ready to buy now, with cash, so practically there is no delay in escrow process. That is why a direct buyer has money on hand and can close in a couple of weeks, with no fuss, no complications. Indeed, there is no easier or faster way to sell a house than to sell to a direct home buyer.

5. You Don’t Need to Wait to Find A Buyer

When you want to sell a house, you are never prepared to wait a long time for a buyer. Sometimes, even if a buyer is found, they can back out of the deal, or they may try to get a loan, but at some point it may be rejected by the bank. Then, you need to start the process all over with a new buyer. If you want quicker and easier way, there is one – sell to a direct home buyer. You will get a cash offer, or sometimes you can be offered a couple of different options, so you can choose the best one for you and your family/situation. Once you find a direct home buyer, your timing to close the deal accelerates greatly, because there are no roadblocks to getting the deal done – no long escrow, no inspections, no banks to wait for.

Working with a direct home buyer will make the process of selling your house very fast and efficient. By avoiding the pitfalls and the complications above, such as involving mortgage banks, inspections, showings, the drawn-out escrow process, and waiting to find a buyer, you can get your house sold much faster and move on to your next adventure. If you’re looking to sell your house now, consider working with Coastal Edge Homebuyers for a hassle-free experience. Give us a call today to learn more!

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