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4 Reasons Why It Is Better To Sell Your House Directly vs. Hiring A Hampton Real Estate Agent

So, when the time comes to decide how to sell your house in Hampton, Virginia, are you aware of all your options? How fast do you need to sell? Can you wait, do repairs and staging and then sell through multiple showings? What about closing costs and commissions? Are you Ok with doing all the necessary repairs and updates tot he house? Or , do you prefer to sell it As-Is? We’ll answer all these questions below so you can see why sometimes selling the house directly to a house buyer is best. 

Sell my house fast as-is in Hampton

Commissions and Fees

So, most people are familiar with real estate agents. We know, many of you have an uncle or a nephew who is an agent, or know one 🙂 Are you aware that when you sell through an agent you need to pay commissions and fees. How much do you think are the sales commissions? Well, they are 6%, usually split in half between your agent and the one representing the buyer of your house. Also, there are typically 4% closing costs. Who do you think pays those? Usually you – the seller. What does all this mean? Well, if your house sells for 300k, then the most you can get at the regular sale is 270k, because you will lose around $30,000 in sales commissions and fees. Is there another way? Yes, you can sell the house to a direct house buyer like us.

Waiting Time Frame

When you want to sell your house in Hampton, Virginia , you need to consider the time it takes to make a nice sale. First, if you have the time and money to do all the repairs necessary, you will get a max retails price, but you need to be ready to wait 2-3 months before you get any money. Why? Because the repair projects take time, often much longer than you think. Also, the agent also wants to make a good commission and they will want to wait for the highest bidder, so this also takes time. So, what if you need to sell in 2 weeks? What if you have a situation and you need the money like yesterday? Then selling through a realtor is not the way to go… you need to sell to a direct house buyer, like Coastal Edge Homebuyers.

Inspections & Repairs

Professional direct house buyers in Virginia do not do any major inspections prior to buying your house. Now you can contrast that with a regular sale through a realtor – the buyer will do a home inspection and they will get a lengthy report that will show everything that is wrong with your house. Then the buyer will use that information to reduce the price they pay you. Also, professional direct house buyers like us will not ask you to do any repairs or cleaning prior t buying your house. Imagine how valuable this can be – if you have a medical situation, or the house is inherited and you cannot and do not want to do any repairs. Then selling through an agent may not be your best bet. Selling to a direct house buyer probably is.


So, when you decide to sell your Hampton, Virginia house through a realtor, you need to make sure you have staged the house properly and it is like that every day for weeks… that means you cannot have absolutely any mess in the house at any given point of time, especially if you want to sell the house for top dollar… because at any given time the agent may ask you to bring a potential buyer to see the house. This is easy if you do not live in that house, but if you do, or if you have not-very-cooperating tenants, this will be a problem. On the other hand, if you sell your house to a direct house buyer, like us, then you do not have to worry about multiple showings. We can even buy the house with the tenants in it.

There are a many situations to think about when you are ready to sell your house. We can help you decide which options would be best for you. 

Please give us a call today at (757) 414-7117 or send us a message to discuss these and other reasons why it is better to sell your house directly vs. hiring a Hampton real estate agent.

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