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What is an iBuyer and Should You Use One to Sell Your House in Suffolk?

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If you need to sell you home in Suffolk, you’ve come to the right place. Technology always evolves, and so is the one connected to the world of real estate. Today we have a new type of buyer for real estate – the iBuyer. Knowing this type can benefit you greatly. Today is the day when you need to review your strategy and make some important decisions about educating yourself about how to sell your house. Knowing your choices will benefit you, because you will make the right decision that fits your criteria.

If this is the first time you hear the term “iBuyer”, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain this in the easiest way possible, so you get to know that persona.

So, you know that the car industry has evolved, so now the real estate one is changing too. Say hello to the iBuyer – who buys homes online, but know this – there are some substantial differences between the local iBuyer and the myriad online iBuyer big companies. Let’s explain.


Did you know that we at Coastal Edge Homebuyers are your neighbors? Our office is in Virginia Beach. We are part of your local community. We love and respect our locals and this our primary business area – Hampton Roads. We don’t just use complicated algorithms or just email you an offer. We come to you, we talk, we hear all of your questions and concerns, we care and we take the extra mile to review all of your options and help you make the best decisions for your situation.

Our iBuyers will talk to you in-person and over the phone. We re willing to negotiate with you. We are not part of some huge organization that couldn’t care less about you, or our local community. Because we work in Suffolk and the surrounding areas, we understand the nuances in our communities and all the subtle differences. We can help you with relocation and anything else you may need. We know a lot of great local contractors, moving companies and real estate agents. We will help you do whatever you need in the best possible way for you and the local market we are in. The goal of our iBuyers is to offer you the best offer based on your location and house condition. We don’t do low ball offers.

Many people love the fact that we offer real personal attention to you and also, the paperwork is very easy. We are available 15 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to help you with whatever you need. Who loves long and complicated paperwork?? Who loves to do showings and stage their house if you go with a real estate agent? Not many… especially if your house if full of stuff and you have no interest in fixing it, or even cleaning it. That’s why it may be best to work with an iBuyer from Coastal Edge Homebuyers.

Just Another Number

Local iBuyers can give you personal attention. We are local to you. In contrast, if you work with one of those big national companies, to them you are just a number, just the next house. They do not understand the nuances of your situation , house condition, or the exact location in Suffolk which would make your house worth more. When you sell your Suffolk house to a jumbo iBuyers program, their systems are just cut and dry. They are made for volume, not so much for quality. You get no personalized experience to try to help you get the most for your house, or help you move or fully understand your personal situation of why and when you want to sell your home. With an iBuyer at Coastal Edge Homebuyers, we listen. We help you solve your particular situation.


When you sell your house the regular way, with a real estate agent, you will need to do repairs, cleanup, staging, numerous showings to strangers, and pay commissions to real estate agents. When you sell your house in Suffolk to an iBuyer, you need to put your wallet away! You do not need it. We take care of everything for you. You also avoid paying something called “holding costs” on your home. Were you aware of this? These are all the costs you will pay if you are selling your house the traditional way with a real estate agent – you will pay mortgage, cleaning, maintaining, utilities, repairs, HOA fees, and other costs, while you are waiting on your house to sell. In contrast, when you are selling your home to an iBuyer at Coastal Edge Homebuyers, you will save all these costs. We can close in as little as a week, you can even choose your closing date! Imagine how convenient it can be to choose your closing date to fit in relation to your moving date into your new place! This can result in significant savings for you. Regarding your stuff in the house, you can take whatever you need and leave all the rest to us. We’ll buy the house “as is”.

The iBuyers at Coastal Edge Homebuyers use straightforward and simple paperwork, and will detail how much you’d earn if you sold your home by listing it with an agent against our offer. And at Coastal Edge Homebuyers, our way is to explain every number used to get to the offer, so you understand how we came up with our numbers. You’ll know how much does it cost to rehab your house too. When you work with local iBuyers like those at Coastal Edge Homebuyers, you’ll feel cared for, because we understand how important it is to take the time to listen to you and address all of your concerns and tailor the best advise and solution for you. We need to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Contact Coastal Edge Homebuyers at +1 (757) 414-7117 today!

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