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Tips For Making The Sale Of Your House In Norfolk Quick And Painless

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When you are about to get ready to sell your Norfolk house, it may feel like a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are way to make thing s a bit easier and there are several ways to sell you house, each with it’s Pros and Cons regarding time and money spent/received.

Most people know of one way to sell a house in  Norfolk. They would just tell you to talk to a realtor. But in today’s progressive world, people have found two other ways to sell their  Norfolk house – sell by yourself (FSBO) or sell directly to a home buyer/investor, which has some surprising and great benefits to a homeowner.

Find A Reputable Local Direct Home Buyer

The quickest way to sell your house is to call a direct home buyer, like Coastal Edge Homebuyers. Why? Because that buyer does not use banks. They use their own money and that is why they can close as fast as 7-10 days, make cash offers and better yet – no agent commissions, zero fees for you to pay, no marketing costs, no multiple showings, no cleaning of the house and no repairs. Isn’t that cool? On the other hand, if you try to sell on your own (For Sale By Owner – FSBO) or through an agent, this can take a month or two or even longer. You will need to prep the house for a retail buyer – complete cleanup, minimum a light rehab, staging, marketing costs, showings, etc.

Sell Your House As-Is

Think about it, if you are buying a new house, wouldn’t you want to make it to your liking? You would certainly not like it to be heavily customized by the previous owner. Most people just want to make it their own. By selling your Norfolk house as-is, you are giving yourself a favor to not spend time and money to fix up a house to a certain taste, which would often do no match the taste of your new home buyer. Why do all that? Coastal Edge Homebuyers can make a cash offer on your Norfolk house immediately, because that is what we specialize in. We are buying houses in any condition, and we really mean it. Even if you cannot cross a room because it is full of trash or belongings, it doesn’t matter! It does not change the price we will offer to your home. The junk inside the house is not important.

Organize Your Belongings Beforehand

Here is another great thing about selling your house to a direct home buyer – you can take whatever you want from the house and leave everything else behind! That’s right, when you are selling your Norfolk house, just leave all you old stuff exactly as is, and you do not have to pay for a trash container or any similar service. We (the direct homebuyer) will take care of that for you! In fact, if you need help, we can make arrangements to move some of your most important belongings to your desired location!

Avoid Selling Fees And Commissions

What happens if you are doing FSBO listing? You would still pay commissions. Why not pocket up to 6% extra? If you do an FSBO listing, the buyer’s agent would still get paid a commission. Guess what, if you sell to a company like us, we would never charge any commissions whatsoever! Also, with FBO listing you would still need to pay for marketing as necessary. Guess what? With a company like ours, you do not have to do that, because there is not need of any advertising!

Compare Your Options

So, as you just realized, there are several ways to sell your Norfolk house. If you are Ok with fixing the house, staging, paying agent commissions, do multiple showings, and have an uncertain closing date, then call a realtor and sell that way. If you want more control over everything you are doing then try an FSBO listing, but you would still pay commissions and you need to work on marketing yourself, inspections, paperwork, etc. Or, you can skip all that and sell directly to a company like Coastal Edge Homebuyers , where there is no cleaning, no rehabbing, no staging, no multiple showings, nor agent commissions. The choice is yours.

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