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5 Reasons to Consider Selling Your House to a Direct Buyer Instead of With a Real Estate Agent in Virginia Beach

If you are considering selling a house in Virginia Beach you’ve come to the right place. If your house is in a great condition and you have time to wait and want to do inspections, staging, showings, then you may be better of calling an agent. But, imagine this – what if your house was not in great condition? What if you needed to sell it fast? There are better options out there. Many people who have not been in challenging situations don’t know about all the options available to them. Here are some cases below, and if you are experiencing any of these (or a combination of two or more) then you would be better off selling to a direct buyer, like us, vs. selling through an agent. So let’s go over these cases.

2. The House Needs a Significant Amount of Work

If your house needs significant amount of work, you may consider selling direct. Why? Because first of all, the prices for houses you see in your neighborhood are most likely for houses that have been recently rehabbed. Your house will not sell even near these prices. The only way to see what your house is worth is to call a direct house buyer, like Coastal Edge Homebuyers, to evaluate your house, for a cash offer “as-is”. Selling through an agent will require probably repairs, cleaning, paint, carpet, and other items as suggested by termite/pest inspection and also a home inspection. The latter will be ordered and paid for by a retail potential buyer of your house. The inspection will find many opportunities which will drive the sales price down and also, you will need to pay commission tot he agent. So, you may be better off skipping the agent and calling a direct buyer.

1. You Are Worried About Foreclosure

If you are in pre-foreclosure in Virginia Beach, then you have several choices – loan modification, loan from a relative or a friend, bankruptcy, or to sell the house. If loan modification does not work, you are probably best off selling the house. I know, you may not want to do that, ever, but if you cannot keep up with the mortgage payments, the bank will take it away anyway. Now, icontrast that with a sale to a direct buyer like us – we will stop the foreclosure, your credit will be saved from a huge “ding”, and you may be able to get some cash from the transaction. Leaving the house to the bank auction will get you nothing. If I were you, if you face a foreclosure, try to sell the house asap. We can help with that, if you need to figure out the best option for you. We are experts in this field.

3. You Just Inherited a House

Many people think it’s such a great thing if you inherit property. Well, it is, if it’s in great shape for sale, or to turn it into a rental. But what if you need money now? What if the house needs a lot of work? Selling through an agent may work, but you will not get much for the house. It will probably end up in the hands of a rehabber anyway, and you need to pay commissions to the agent. I’m sure the showings will not be too exciting either, since the house needs work. What if you live out of state? What if you have several siblings/heirs to the house? It will probably be best to get is sold fast to a direct house buyer, like us. That way, you get cash in 3 weeks, sell the house “as-is”, divide the money among the heirs and that’s it! No hassles, no arguing with relatives about rehabbing, renting out, cleaning or repairing the house!

4. You Need to Sell Your House Quickly

This one is a no-brainer. You cannot sell a house fast through a realtor. Well, let’s clarify that – how fast is fast? If you go through an agent, you will work with a retail buyer, probably with a bank, there will be scheduling inspections, then the bank will take their time, and you are looking at least a month, two, or three to sell the house, after you find a buyer. If you need to get the house sold faster, there is no faster way than to sell to a direct buyer, as is. It takes 3 weeks and that’s it! No cleaning, no repairs, no stress.

5. You Would Like to Avoid Commissions and Fees

Selling your house through an agent always involves fees – usually you will pay 6% commission. So, on a 300k house that is $18,000. Wouldn’t you rather not do that? Sometimes, people are ok to sell the house at a lower price to sell it quickly, for the benefit of a quick, as is sale. Sometimes speed and convenience are more important than getting the highest price for a house. Well, get this – to get the highest price on a house, you will need to do a complete rehab (spend a lot of money), then you need to talk to an agent, do cleaning, staging, multiple showings, etc., then maybe 2-3 months later you can find a buyer and sell. Yes, that’s the way to get the most, but sometimes you do not have the time or money to fix up a house, or that may not even be a priority for you. Imaging you have rental properties and they are getting run down and you are getting older -would you rather work with contractors, fix it up, then sell in 5-6 months or would you rather sell super fast, as-is, in 3 weeks? Sometimes the latter makes much more sense, that’s were we come in.

If you are considering selling your house faster, without going through an agent, we at Coastal Edge Homebuyers could be the best choice for you. We can also help you deal with a property during a divorce, if it has liens, and more. If you’re considering selling your house, it’s worth exploring the option of selling to a direct buyer. Coastal Edge Homebuyers buys houses in Virginia Beach and basically in all the 7 cities in Hampton Roads, always providing great offers and outstanding customer service. Reach out to our team today to find out how we can help you. (757) 414-7117

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