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How to Sell Your Suffolk House if You Have Bad Neighbors

So, your house is in a dream neighborhood, but guess what, you have bad neighbors. Do you think that can hinder the proper sale of your house? Yes, it could.

Let’s see what can you do to mitigate such situation and sell your Suffolk house if you have bad neighbors. 

A drawing of a lady neighbor with red hair and seemingly bad attitude making a bad posture on her lawn.

Open a New Dialogue

As a first line of defense, one of the best – and admittedly hard – things to do, is to try to improve the situation by talking directly with your neighbors. If they are often loud, you could simply ask them to be a little more considerate. They may, or not comply. Yes, this will affect your ability to sell your Suffolk house. You may want to try to find out quieter times and then do your showings to potential buyers. On the other hand, you can tell the neighbor that better impressions on buyers will attract better ones and that will benefit them on the long run too. Moreover, having more bids and higher final price for your house could positively affect the price of your neighbor’s house in the future too. All this may entice the neighbors to be a little more conducive to improving their behavior. If they don’t listen, you may want to reach out to a pro. Direct buyers at Coastal Edge Homebuyers may be able to reach out to your neighbor to create new line of communication, something no one else could achieve.


It’s best practice in real estate to do a full disclosure. Of course, what and how you disclose can be open to some interpretations. A property disclosure form may ask you to complete information to inform potential buyers when you try to sell your Suffolk house if you have bad neighbor. If you are not sure what to do, it may be best to contact an experienced professional at Coastal Edge Homebuyers to help you craft your message in the disclosure about a bad neighbor. Please also note that sometimes disputes may arise regarding property boundaries. Often people will mark the boundaries with landscaping, but guess what, it will grow over time and the lines will no longer be clear and some infringing will occur. That may be an issue when you try to sell your property. The best way to resolve this is to hire a professional surveyor to review the situation and go to court to quiet title, resolving the issue. This will allow you to sell without any issue to report.

Outside Help

Sometimes a good dialog with your neighbor is not possible. In the case the best course of action is to reach out to a Home Owners Association (HOA). If you don’t have one, then contact the city and county directly in order to help you sell your Suffolk house. It’s possible that with their help you may be able to start a better discussion with your neighbor and start resolving the issues. Such organizations will help you better relay a message to the neighbor about complying with rules and laws governing property in  Suffolk. Yes, with HOA this would could a little bit easier, but we understand that’s not always available. On the other hands, we also understand that not all people like the governance of an HOA.

In some more extreme cases, it may be feasible to hire a lawyer to resolve a issue with a neighbor. However, this is last resort. Before you take that route, it would be better to contact a real estate pro like those at Coastal Edge Homebuyers, who could do more than just get your bad neighbor talking. They may be able to broker a discussion, which otherwise may not have been possible. In the end, they could help you achieve a peaceful resolution of the problems with your neighbor.

Coastal Edge Homebuyers

There is another way, which is very quick and easy; you can skip ahead and not deal at all with your neighbor and just sell your Suffolk house directly to Coastal Edge Homebuyers if you have bad neighbors. Then, Coastal Edge Homebuyers will buy your home exactly “as-is”, in any condition, saving you both time, money, and the grief to deal with non-cooperating neighbors. And Coastal Edge Homebuyers pays cash at a guaranteed-date closing, usually within a week or so. We will deal with your neighbor, so you don’t have to. Moreover, Coastal Edge Homebuyers can be pretty flexible with the closing date. We can set time that’s convenient for your plans, it’s up to you. When you sell directly to Coastal Edge Homebuyers, you can move on with your life and leave all that jazz behind – bad neighbors and any other issues with your house/belongings. We will even help you with some great ideas on what to do with your stuff – about the things you do want to keep and the things you don’t. You don’t even need to clean before you go. To learn more ways Coastal Edge Homebuyers can help you, send us a message or call Coastal Edge Homebuyers at (757) 414-7117.

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