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How to Sell Your Norfolk House if You Live in a Bad Area

Maybe when you first purchased your home the area was nice, but then over time things took a bad turn. In some cases, increasing crime rates in some areas will lead to deterioration of the home prices there.

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When your property is in a bad area, that usually means a significant number of properties will be in various states of disrepair and it will be obvious. This will definitely have an effect on the selling price of your house when you want to sell. Here are some tips on how to sell your Norfolk house if you live in a bad area.

Start Right

First thing you need to look at is the price of your home. It must reflect the current market values of houses in your area inNorfolk if you live in a bad area. The person that will buy your house will often be a first-time buyer and they will need to be in the proper price range based on that. When homes are overpriced, in any area, this will make it hard to sell the house – it will just linger on the market for a long time. So, it does not matter what area of town your house is at in Norfolk. If you live in a bad area, you must price very carefully and according to more conservative numbers. Moreover, if a house just sits on the market for a very long time unsold on the MLS, the potential buyers may make insultingly low offers assuming that if the house has been on the market for a very long time, it must be something very wrong with the property. On the other hand, the only thing wrong may be just the asking price. When the price is right, you will know it, because more investors and potential buyers will call and want to see the property.

For more guidance, you could start working with a professional like one at Coastal Edge Homebuyers to help you with your options and price your house accordingly. But remember, the pricing of the house will need to reflect other things, such as convenience, repairs, and timing. If you need to sell faster, we can help and purchase the home from you “as is”.


There is something else you can do which is not very expensive when trying to sell your Norfolk house if you live in a bad area. Curb appeal is important. Sometimes, some not-so-expensive landscaping may be enough to be able to get better esthetics and appeal from your home and it may allow you to raise the selling price somewhat. Of course, putting on fresh paint and carpet/floor would be also great. These are almost necessities in today’s market. Of course, you need to understand that you will need some budget to make these (or any) repairs. Yes, your final sale price will increase, but so will the expenses to fix it up, so you’ll need to be careful. You also need to be cautious and not add any extra features, amenities or expansions. In most cases, people will mostly care about the kitchen, bathrooms, any smell, paint, and flooring. Other personalization techniques may actually work against you when you try to sell.

So, when you are trying to sell a house in Norfolk, you’ll need to have a strong grip on your budget and consult with someone like the professionals at Coastal Edge Homebuyers to guide you with some advice on what to fix first (or at all). If you do not have the time or money for any repairs, we can buy your house regardless of it’s condition.

Coastal Edge Homebuyers

When you make a decision to work with Coastal Edge Homebuyers to sell your Norfolk house, you won’t have to worry at all if you live in a bad area. Coastal Edge Homebuyers buys homes just as they are, regardless of the area. You don’t have to lift a finger – no repairs, no cleaning. Even better, Coastal Edge Homebuyers pays all cash. Closing is fast and guaranteed, usually in a week or two. From beginning to end, Coastal Edge Homebuyers will explain to you our offer and you will understand that it is fair. We stay behind our word. Integrity and honesty are two of our values and you won’t be disappointed.  The professionals at Coastal Edge Homebuyers go the extra mile, laying out for you what you could sell your house for if you sell with a conventional listing on the MLS with a traditional real estate agent. Coastal Edge Homebuyers wants to help you to earn the most you can when you sell your home. To learn more ways Coastal Edge Homebuyers can help you, send us a message or call Coastal Edge Homebuyers at +1 (757) 414-7117.

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