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Sell your house in Newport News and move into a retirement home

Sell your house in Newport News and move into a retirement home
Hello, everyone. This is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. In today’s video I wanted to go over some options for those of you who have a house that’s older, and you are getting ready to actually sell the house and move into a retirement facility. You are retired already. You’ve been living in your house for years, maybe decades, and you haven’t done updates to the house. And now you’re wondering, what should I do? Should I fix the house first? Should I deal with contractors then put it up on the retail market and sell it for top dollar? Or, maybe I should sell it “as is”, get some cash quickly and move into a retirement facility. Well, it depends on a number of different things. And, at the end of the day, you will make your choice, but let’s go over the options real quick.

If you decide to rehab the house, you’re going to be able to get maximum dollar amount when you sell it. Now, what does it take it to get there though? First, you have to rehab the house all the way through. You have to deal with contractors. You have to pay them money to get the job done.

In today’s market, now it’s 2021 (towards the end of it), and it’s pretty challenging these days to find contractors. It takes months to get the job done, and also you have to work with different types of contractors, depending on the type of work that’s needed on the house. And believe us, in today’s market, if you want to get top dollar, you really have to rehab absolutely everything. The house has to look like brand new and neutral, with the way it’s set up or colored, to be acceptable for a new family to move in.

So, if you want to rehab the house, it’s going to be challenging, but you can get contractors. It’s going to take months. The supply chains are also interrupted recently. There’s the ever-raising prices on materials. There’s delays in delivery of materials, and there’s delays in actually getting those jobs done. So that’s the challenges of getting it done this way.

Now, after the repairs are done, you want to call a real estate agent and sell the house on the retail market. As soon as you talk to a real estate agent, you have to sign paperwork with them, and they’re going to represent you, and put up the house up for sale. They’re going to take care of the marketing, the showings and everything. So you’ll have to stage the house. You’re going to have to show it, at different times, nights, weekends, whenever it’s necessary, and subsequently you’ll sell the house to the highest bidder.

So the other part that you need to be aware of is, you’ll need to pay agent commissions. Today, these are at 6%. So, if your house is $300,000, you are minus $18,000 in agent commissions the moment you talk to an agent and you start this process and sell that way.

Now, what else could you do? Well, you can sell your house “as is”, without any repairs, without fixing anything, without any cleaning, dealing with furniture, it doesn’t even matter. We buy houses as is. You can talk to a local investor just like us, Coastal Edge Homebuyers, and that’s what we specialize in. We buy houses with cash anywhere in the Hampton Roads area.

So imagine that you have a house in Newport News, and you’re wondering, so how do I sell my house fast for cash in Newport News? Well, you call us. We’re going to come out there. We’re going to do a quick walk-through of the house. We’re going to take some pictures, see the current condition of the house. And then we’re going to check the numbers internally through our systems for evaluating houses. And we’re going to give you a fair cash offer, usually on the spot. So you’re going to get the cash offer immediately. There are some other things that we can offer instead of a one-time payment, such as that we can actually pay you with payments over time. Or if you prefer a lump sum, of course, we can make that offer.

Cash offer this is the quickest and easiest way to sell a house and have a very quick closing. The paperwork is very simple. We’re going to lead you through the whole process, and the best part yet is, there’s no agent commissions, no cleaning, no repairs. You can even set your own closing date. That’s how easy and quick it is. It can be done in a matter of a week or two, or you can choose a closing date based on your timeline.

If everything is okay with the paperwork, we can close extremely fast. And on the closing table you’ll get your cash, and you are on your way, and you can leave the house exactly as it is. Of course, if you need some help with some items in the house, we can gladly help you with that. But basically, you just sign the papers, give the key, and you’re done, and you get your cash. It’s really that simple and easy, and it works out great. We don’t use banks. We don’t use financial institutions. We use our own money, so the process is much quicker and easier than selling to someone trying to get a loan to buy your house.

So if you have a house in Newport News and you’re getting ready to sell the house, a house that has not been updated in a while, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter what the condition of the house is today. We’re going to give you a fair cash offer on the spot, and that’s one of the better ways to handle this situation for you. If you want to hear about your options and pick the right one for you, give us a call. We’d be happy to run through all the options for you and help you select the best one for your situation. Again, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. You can call us at (757) 414-7117.
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