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5 Surprising Things That Can Make it Difficult to Sell Your House in Chesapeake

When you are selling your house, it makes sense to pay attention to all things – minor and major, because you just don’t know how things will like like in the eyes of the buyer.

Check out the list of items below you should pay attention to sinceignosing them may may kit hard to sell your house in Chesapeake 


Some of the most common smells come from pets and cooking. For example, if you are a “dog person” but your buyers are more into cats, they will be turned off by dog smell in the house. This can make it an issue when trying to sell your house in Chesapeake. Buyers may still want to buy your house but they may also for replacing the carpet or big discount to replace it later themselves. On the other hand, if you do not wish to replace the carpet or do other significant fixes, you can consider selling your house directly to Coastal Edge Homebuyers/ That way you can skip preparing for showings too. We buy in “as is” condition.

Cosmetic Flaws

Picture of a portion of a house during a sunny day, with nice landscaping elements, a beautiful green yard with some red flowers and green bushes.
Picture of a bad landscaping of a yard of a house during the day with overgrown ugly bushes and almost no grass.

Guess what, the good old saying that if you want to sell something, you need to make it look good is true. Not doing simple and obvious things like repainting your house, or doing at least basic landscaping, can make it hard to sell your house in Chesapeake.

This also means that you need to be careful and make sure you choose more neutral colors for walls and carpet. If time and research on this is a problem, then working with a buyer at Coastal Edge Homebuyers means quick closing, usually in a matter of a week or two.


Yes, neighbors matter too. Most people never even look at their neighbors’ habits and yards when they are preparing to sell their house in Chesapeake. Imagine this – if the neighbors are very loud all the time, or if they have a wild and constantly-barking dog, or their grass looks like a jungle, do you think this would help you sell your house better? I think you know the answer already. But if you are in a position where you have tried to mitigate the situation with your neighbors tp no avail, then you could consider pursuing a different deal, with an investor like us, at Coastal Edge Homebuyers. We have dealt with all types of neighbors before.


This may not be the first thing on your mind when you are considering selling, but it is very important to potential buyers. Mold can make it difficult to sell your house in Chesapeake. This can also be a health hazard and most buyers will consider mold as one of the main factors/risks when deciding whether or not to buy your house. If you want to skip the mold remediation process, you will probably need to sell the house “as-is” to a seller willing to take on this issue. At Coastal Edge Homebuyers, we buy houses as-is, with our own cash, so there is no need to worry about your buyer qualifying for financing. And yes, we can take care of the mold but that is not something you need to fix before selling directly to us.


I know you probably guessed what we are going to say here – a pre-inspection will be a very helpful move for you to do, before you start the sales process. An inspection can uncover many hidden issues that will come to bite you afterwards when you are preparing the house for sale and when the buyer does their own inspection. The less surprises, the better. A pre-inspection and fixing everything (or most issues) as a result of that can help you feel more confident when you put the house up for sale and if you have already fixed most major issues that were uncovered during the inspection, so then you could ask for the highest price for the house. But you do realize that in many cases it will take significant time and money to fix all the issues with the house.

The fastest and easiest ways to sell your house in Chesapeake is to sell directly to Coastal Edge Homebuyers.

We won’t make you a low-ball offer. It will be fair offer, based on the current condition and location of the house. We at Coastal Edge Homebuyers want to make sure you feel comfortable and see things from all sides when making a decision. Call us at Coastal Edge Homebuyers at (757) 414-7117 or send us a message today to learn how we can help solve your problems.

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