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5 Signs You Should Sell Your House As-Is in Chesapeake

Why do some people sell their home “as-is”? There are many reasons why home owners choose the fast track the process and sell quickly. One of the many reasons is that the house will be bough in any condition by an investor, regardless of how much repairs it needs. Why? Because the price offered will be a fair price for the current value of the house. And you get to walk away with cash and move on with your life very quickly.

Below we’ll review the 5 signs you should sell your house as-is in Chesapeake 

Picture of a small house on a sunny day in Chesapeake VA.

Time Crunch

If you are pressed with time and need to get rid of the house as soon as possible, then you should sell your house as-is in Chesapeake. There could be many reasons for that, like divorce, urgent need to downsize, move out of state, unforeseen financial event that prompts you to move or downsize, etc. The house left just sitting there is a tax bill and it needs maintenance, so the more you wait, the worse it will get for you, if this is an unwanted house. Selling directly to a real estate investor like Coastal Edge Homebuyers can save you valuable time. There is no faster way to sell a house today than to go straight to an investor. We can close in a week or two.

If you just hold on to the house, you will accumulate something called “holding costs” – utilities, landscaping, taxes, mortgage, and other maintenance. If you sell to a company like us, you can even choose the closing date to fit your needs! That’s something you can’t do with a real estate agent when you are trying to sell the house the traditional way.


If you are going through financial difficulties and you need to sell fast and move in to a more affordable house, or out of state, then that’s a sign you need to sell your house “as is” to an investor in Chesapeake. You can start by contacting a professional at Coastal Edge Homebuyers. We’ll be happy to go over your options and you can compare what would happen and the financials of selling to an investor like us vs. selling through a real estate agent. Knowledge is power. Then you can make the best decision to fit your needs. Our goal is to solve your problem, that’s it. If you go with us, there are no hidden fees and no other costs you will pay. We don’t charge commissions like real estate agents do. Whatever price we agree on, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Major Repairs 

If you know the house needs major repairs, or significant updates, and you a fearful of what a home inspection may find, that’s another reason to sell your house “as is” in Chesapeake. When you work with a cash buyer like Coastal Edge Homebuyers, we’ll assess the current condition and resolve the problems of dealing with repairs. You will receive a fair offer based on the current condition of the house. Zero repairs for you to do. No need to clean up the house either. Yes, you can leave all that old furniture and junk there too! Moreover, you don’t have to deal with any disclosure laws, as you would if you try to sell the traditional way – with a real estate agent. And bear in mind, the best-priced houses you see online are often very recently rehabbed homes, like in the past 1-3 months. Any repairs beyond 4-5 years may not help your home’s price as much as you would expect to compete with the recently-rehabbed houses. So, you can always take the faster and easier way and talk to us. At the very least, we’ll show you all of your options, so you can make an informed decision.

Contingencies and Disclosure

If time is of the essence and you want to make sure potential buyers don’t walk away from the deal to buy your house, then you want to sell your house “as is” in Chesapeake. The allowance of a buyer to walk away after tying up your property for days or weeks is called contingency. We are professional investors. We are experienced in these types of deals. Call us, if it’s feasible for your house, we can remove all of of the contingencies in our deal, so you know we’ll surely buy your house. We don’t make promises we can’t keep!

Hassles of Traditional Sales

If you don’t wish to play the game of endless preparations for showings of your house at any time of day or evening if you sell the traditional way, also consider the paperwork, real estate agent commissions, and staging of the house, then these are red flags, and you should sell your house “as is” in Chesapeake. A professional investor like Coastal Edge Homebuyers have plenty of experience in these situations and we will save you valuable time and money by selling the house directly to us.

Coastal Edge Homebuyers has the right solution for you, if you need to sell your house as-is in Chesapeake. The professionals at Coastal Edge Homebuyers have the experience in helping homeowners just like you, in many types of situations. Coastal Edge Homebuyers understands how important knowledge is. You can rely on our expertise and advice when choosing the best option for you. We will offer all scenarios to you, so you can feel confident you are making the right choice. We are here to help you solve the issue you are dealing with and we can help you move on with your life and put the money in better performing assets. Just send us a message or call Coastal Edge Homebuyers at +1 (757) 414-7117.

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