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Best Ways to Sell Your Norfolk House in a Hot Market

Ranch-style house with yellow siding and a green lawn upfront, with a set of a metal summer table and 2 chairs sitting on the front lawn.

The housing market is still hot today, but with the interest rates rising this will put some houses out of reach for a group of potential buyers, who will be “priced out of reach”. A home prices correction is on the horizon. No one knows the future, but we all knew the prices could not continue to rise so fast indefinitely. The real estate market seems to still be healthy, despite high inflation and some staglfation on the horizon. The houses are now starting to linger on the retail market a bit longer (to sell), so it is important for you to understand how to sell a house in a hot market in Norfolk.

Advanced Marketing

In today’s day and age, it is important that you utilize all the tech tools available to make sure your Norfolk house is advertised properly and in as many places online as possible. Do not underestimate the power of sites like Facebook. Millions of items (including homes) are bought and sold through simple adverts on Facebook. Also, you need to utilize groups and blogs in the field of real estate mainly, especially if you need to reach a larger audience. Invest in a professional photographer, unless you are one already! For example, having a 360 virtual tour is an excellent way to use advance technology to show off your house better for sale.

Owner Financing

This way of selling a house in today’s hot market in Norfolk can work with both investors and end-buyers. It involves the buyer paying you a down payment and monthly payments over time. Why is this good for you? Because the loan is typically for a shorter time than conventional loans so you can get your money quicker. Also, you design the plan along with your buyer, if they are investors, meaning that everything is on the table and you can make the terms of the financing any way you want. Please note this works primarily when you have low or no bank loan on your home, even though sometimes that can be still accomplished with a creative finance deal, usually executed by a buyer-investor. Such deals are good for the seller and the buyer. In fact, the financing does not require so much work and investigations as with a conventional bank loan and owner-financing deals can be executed within a month, especially when you are working with an investor-buyer.


You think the market is so hot that anything will sell? Yes, you are partially correct. Everything will sell, eventually, but at what price? If you want to sell your Norfolk house in a hot market and get the highest possible price, you need to do some staging. If you line in the house, that will be a challenge, because new buyers prefer that the house they will be buying is completely empty. Also, make sure you do new floors and paint at a minimum. The paint should be in neutral colors. You can follow your heart in this but you may want to check with the folks at stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot to figure out the best “neutrality” in flooring and paint colors for today’s market, because that purple that was cool in 1975 may not be so cool today! If you are completely lost, hire a professional to do the staging. If you happened to still live in the house you are trying to sell, at least try to declutter it as best you can.


Networking is also a great way to increase your prospects, and you sales price of your Norfolk house in a hot market. For example, if you talk to different real estate professionals, or people who have sold their houses recently, you can find out more tips on how to make improvements on the house and the way you market it, with minimum costs. Networking has always been a beneficial tool for many reasons. If you surround yourself with a great team, your end results will be better too. If nothing else, you could at least utilize groups and communities on social media.

Sell Directly to Coastal Edge Homebuyers

Are you sure your house will sell fast enough? Are you sure your house is staged perfectly? What if it needs repairs and you do not have the time or financial ability to address? You can still sell your Norfolk house as is, to a direct home buyer like us. Moreover, if you sell to us you do not have to worry about staging, repairs, or cleaning. Better yet, you don’t pay agent commissions either, and we do a quick closing. You don’t have to worry about inspections or the buyer to get financing, only for it to not go through in some cases and then you’ve wasted 2-3 months again… as you can imagine, time is money. The longer you keep a house, the higher the holding costs are – mortgage, upkeep, utilities, taxes, etc. So, if you want to skip the realtor process and sell you house faster for cash in today’s market, send us a message call +1 (757) 414-7117 today!

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