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Sell my house in Norfolk without a real estate agent

Sell my house in Norfolk without a real estate agent
Hi everyone, this is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. In today’s video, I wanted to cover some options where we may be a great choice for you if you are trying to sell a house fast. Imagine that you have a house in Norfolk, Virginia, the house needs repairs, or maybe it’s in fair condition, but you’ve had it maybe as a second home, or maybe you’re moving out of state, or maybe you already are out of state. Possibly you might have inherited the house. In many of these scenarios, we can help you out. We can present you with some options and you can sell the house fast. The options can include a straight up cash offer, maybe selling on terms if the house is completely paid off, and there’s some other that we can discuss with you. And the main important part is what are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish? And what is your timeline?

And of course, there’s always a number of different ways that you can sell a house. One way, the traditional way most people are familiar with is you put it up on the retail market with a real estate agent. Of course you can always do that. But in order for you to go through that process, you have to sign an agreement with the agent, you have to pay them agent commissions, you have to clean the house, prep it up. In some cases that may not be feasible. You may be on a different timeline. You may want to need to sell fast. So there are some cases in which that way, the traditional way through a real estate agent may not be a best choice.

So if you work with us, we buy as is. We will take a look at the house, we’re going to make you a straight up cash offer. And if you’re not in a hurry, the house is paid off, we can even offer you some other options where you can get more for your house. Just ask us how and contact us. We’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers. We buy houses locally in the Hampton Roads area, and you can contact us at any time, any day, seven days a week, Monday through Sunday from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. So just call us up and we’re going to go over your options. We close very quickly, sometimes in a matter of seven to 10 business days. We buy houses as is regardless of what the condition is. And get this, it doesn’t even matter if the house is occupied or not. So even if the house has tenants, we can still work out a deal with you and get that property offloaded.

So if you have been a landlord but you’re tired of doing that already, maybe you have one, two, three or more properties, we can help you out in that situation and you can sell those houses to us. This is exactly what we specialize in. So we buy homes as is, no cleaning, no repairs. Exactly as is. Just give us the keys, get your cash, and it’s a done deal. Yes, we still need to go through the normal process. We’re going to close on an attorney’s office. We’re going to check on the title. Everything will be done as it should properly, but just in case you’re wondering, we help people in different distress situations and houses that are in some level of distress. If your house is in perfect condition, your best option may be to stage it up, talk to a real estate agent, sell it that way. Yes, you have to pay them major commission fees, which you do not pay when you sell to us.

So if you want to find out more, just give us a call. We’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers. We buy houses locally. And if you have a house let’s say in Norfolk, Virginia, and maybe you’re wondering how do I sell my house fast in Norfolk, Virginia? Just give us a call, (757) 414-7117.
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