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Sell a Partially-Rehabbed House Fast

Sell a partially rehabbed house fast
Hi, everyone. This is Alex from Coastal Edge Homebuyers. In today’s video I wanted to share with you an example of a situation which will help someone so you can see if that can relate to a situation that you have, or somebody that you know is dealing with. We buy houses in any condition anywhere in the Hampton Roads area, but usually the houses that we buy are in some level of distress, or the owner has a need and they have to sell fast. The reasons for that can be many, but in one particular case, the owner of the house had a situation where he needed money fast, and the house was partially rehabbed. So the house needed more work. At least 50, 60 percent more work was needed to be done for the house to be considered completely finished. But the owners, they were just done with it. Some situations arose, and they just needed to have money fast, and they did not want to spend any more time or money fixing up the house and then putting up on the retail market.

So what that means is that they came to us, we spoke, we took a look at the house, we gave them a fair cash offer on the spot, they were accepted it, liked it, and we were able to close within a couple of weeks. So this is exactly what we do. We help people out in different types of situations, and if yours happens to be that one where you need the house to be fixed up, but you are not able to finish it off, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you out. We’re Coastal Edge Homebuyers, and we buy houses locally, anywhere in the Hampton Roads area.

Now, back to the example – if the owners did not have that situation that came up, if they could fix the house up, they would finish all the updates and put it up on the retail market, and get the maximum amount of dollars for it. But in this case, they couldn’t do that. They needed money fast, and we were able to help them out. They were very happy about it. We close in about a couple of weeks. So there’s added benefits to somebody working with us when they’re selling their house “as-is” to us. So the first one is exactly as it sounds: We buy as-is, in any condition. It doesn’t matter if it needs a lot of work, if it needs a little work, or somewhere in between. So “as-is” means that even if you have all the junk inside, or whatever else you want to leave in it, it’s not a problem. Just leave it there. It doesn’t change the price.

People often ask me, “Hey, do I need to clean it up?” No, not really. It doesn’t matter. We’re looking at the structure of the house, not so much at what’s in it. So basically you can leave it all “as-is”. Better yet, you can choose your own closing date, which is also very important benefit, especially you have certain events in your life that you need to time the selling with. So if you have a house that is partially rehabbed, maybe in Norfolk, Virginia, or anywhere in the seven cities of Hampton Roads, give us a call. We’ll be happy to take a look and give you a fair cash offer. We don’t do low-ball offers. We’re going to give you a fair cash offer, based on the current condition of the house and the location where it’s at. So just give us a call. You can reach us at 757-414-7117.
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