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5 Selling Secrets From Professional Real Estate Investors in Newport News

Don’t you want to know some tips and trick when you are ready to sell your home? Knowing more will help you avoid common pitfalls and will definitely save you time and money. Below are the 5 home-selling secrets to know before you start selling your house in Newport News.

Older house for sale, with yellow siding, two stories, with a green yard and several small trees.

The Stage is Set

The first selling secret from real estate investors in Newport News is to properly stage your home. That means to add/remove furniture to make the home seem larger. This means possibly removing some large pieces of furniture. Also, you need to stick with neutral colors. It’s almost a must to repaint your home before you attempt to sell. Choose a neutral color. If you have things you need to remove, you will have to rent a storage unit or put it all in a shed or a friend’s house, if feasible. If the home was renovated and vacant, it will be easier to stage. Just remember, you need big empty canvasses, to allow the potential buyer to visualize the home with decorations of their own.

The Price Should Be Right

The next secret is pricing. The real estate investor always recommend to pay special attention to the price from the start. Failure to do that will be costly. There is something called “holding costs” and it will cost you significantly if you price your home too high and it needs to sit on the market for a while. The research should be a little deeper than just googling a couple real estate websites. You need to compare prices depending on the condition of your home. Most of the highest-priced homes in Newport News will be the ones that have been very recently renovated. A direct buyer such as one from Coastal Edge Homebuyers can help you determine the right amount and even strategy for selling your home. Just calling a real estate agent and signing a binding contract with the is not always the best idea.

Quality Marketing

Yes, most people have heard of Marketing but few can execute on this properly. You probably know you need to have quality pictures of your home. Did you know you need to have really great pictures? Did you know you should also have 360-view virtual video tours of your house? Welcome to the 21st century. Real estate investor in Newport News suggest that you need to do all of this things, and have plenty of pictures of every room, and the outside too. Potential buyers are always curious, so if you are missing some pics of certain rooms/views, they will assume you are hiding something.

An Easy Show

When you are trying to sell a house in Newport News, don’t make it hard for people to see the house. You need to be able to show it at the drop of a hat. You do not want to miss on any potential buyers. Ultimately, this will save you time. On the other hand, if you want to bypass any of these things – staging, cleaning, repairs, showings, etc. then you could call and sell to a direct buyer like those at Coastal Edge Homebuyers.

No Repairs or Updates

The 5th secret from real estate investor in Newport News has to do with repairs. If you home needs significant repairs, the potential buyers will run away. They will prefer a move-in ready home. We know that you may believe your home is in great shape, but since regular home buyers would use a bank loan, they would skip your home if it needs a new kitchen, because the other house down the street has a new one, even if it will cost them $20,000 more. Again, the price difference is not that great to a buyer whose monthly payment will not change much even if they have to pay $20,000 extra for the house with a brand new kitchen. On the other hand, Direct buyers like those at Coastal Edge Homebuyers buy homes “as-is”, just like yours, so you don’t have to do any repairs, cleaning, or pay any real estate agent commissions.

At Coastal Edge Homebuyers, we are glad to share these selling secrets from professional real estate investors in Newport News. Call us for more secrets. We can help you make the wisest decisions on how to sell your home. It doesn’t matter if you sell to us or not. There is no obligation from you to talk to us and learn. We like helping people. Of course, if you have any referrals, that would be great too. Contact Coastal Edge Homebuyers at +1 (757) 414-7117 today!

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