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5 Reasons Why it is Better to Work With a Professional Home Buyer in Portsmouth vs. an iBuyer

Byrd's eye view of two houses in Portsmouth VA.

You may have considered selling you house to an iBuyer. These companies are large-scale and they cannot and will not give you individualized attention. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. iBuyer companies just do not care much for you as a local company would. Why? Because direct local home buyers like Coastal Edge Homebuyers live in you local community in Portsmouth . Our reputation is built upon trust and offering outstanding service to our local citizens and neighbors. How could we look at you or anyone else in the eye if we are out there not offering professional, trustworthy service where we would always keep our word? Also, we always want to see the people we do business with face to face, we listen better and can accommodate your desires and requirements better. Thais is just what we do as a local professional home buyer.


When you work with us as a local home buyer in Portsmouth you will be getting a personalized attention and service, something you cannot get from a iBuyer. Moreover, the iBuyers use specific predetermined formulas for coming up with their pricing and some of the risks yo will encounter have to dowith contingencies and pricing explained below, but some has to do with the fact that iBuyer, because they use rigid predetermined formulas, sometimes will offer you less than what we can as a local company, because we understand the local market’s nuances in every part of town. On top of that, our focus is always on you, your immediate and your future goals and needs. An iBuyer cannot cater to that. They use a cookie-cutter pricing and marketing techniques and basically is more of a robot-like service.


When we make you an offer on your Portsmouth house, what you will see is what you’ll get. No agent commission fees, no hidden costs. We do not have any specialized contingencies. We buy “as is” in any condition. We understand the local market best and the pricing specifics too. We specialize in helping people in many difficult situations to get a great fair offer and get the homeowner on a new path to whatever their goals are. On the other hand, when you work with an iBuyer, often they will have contingencies and will make you do repairs they may require as necessary. They will ask you to commit first to an agreement, but then they’ll come over, see the house and then pull out some contingencies and knock the price of the offer down because some conditions or current state of the house “was not disclosed”. The truth is, they will start at a higher price on the phone and then they will start reducing it stating that your house is in worse shape than previously discussed (virtually). In essence, it’s a bit more like a “bait & switch” tactic.

Holding Costs

When you work with an iBuyer, you need to remember that they move on a sspecific business principle and they apply that to every part of the country. They really do not care for you or your house in   Portsmouth . All they care about is the price and that’s it. Moreover, because of contingencies you may need to take extra time to get some repairs done as requested by the iBuyers, which can increase your holding costs – the costs to keep the house for longer. If you are moving, you may end up holding two house simultaneously, you will double the bills, possibly double mortgage payments, utilities, etc, which will increase your costs and reduce your profit from selling your house to an iBuyer.

Our aim at Coastal Edge Homebuyers is to help you resolve all your pain and help you reach your goals, which are the most important reasons to work with a professional home buyer in Portsmouth vs. an iBuyer. Find out for yourself by sending us a message or calling Coastal Edge Homebuyers at +1 (757) 414-7117 today!!

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