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The True Costs of Owning the Wrong Chesapeake Home

Do you know the true costs of owning the wrong home in Chesapeake? You may have bought your home when the house had more people in it. Maybe the kids grew up and move out? Or maybe you bought a bigger house in a down market and you did it just because you could? In this article we will review the true emotional and hard money costs in owning the wrong home.

Mom and son talk and look over things in placed moving boxes in their living room.


You probably have heard that things change. This is true with everything in life. Maybe you now realize that you bought yourChesapeake in a different atmosphere, but now the neighbors have gotten worse, or, maybe you got new neighbors that you never want to see again… maybe the noise has gotten worse over the years. Or, what if you got this home for the short distance from a nice job you had, which is now a thing from the past and you don’t really care for that neighborhood? Well, maybe now you live in the wrong home and you’ll need to consider moving, soon.


Owning the wrong home in Chesapeake may have a very simple explanation – you bought this home when the interest rate was very low and you and your spouse had great income, but things may have changed. With inflation increasing all the time and the fact that you bought the max size of home (and mortgage!) you could afford now has come back to haunt you. Maybe you have retired and you don’t have such high income anymore. Whatever the reasons, now you realize you are in the wrong house. Yes, we know, it was a nice big house and it served its purpose, but things have changed.


Owning the wrong Chesapeake home could also be a big financial burden if you have not been able to keep up with the necessary updates over the years. Or, maybe the house was too big for you to begin with. Maybe you do not need that pool anymore, but you still are trying to maintain it, maybe for that weekend or two when you kids and grandkids will visit? The bigger the house, the bigger the problems and the repair bills. Yes, we know – changing the floors on a big house can double or triple your costs for labor and materials, which is normal and logical.

Hiring Help

You know that over the years you probably get less active physically and also less able. Maybe 20 years ago you could do every repair on the house (or at least you tried) but today you do not have the physical or mental capacity to continue. You may need to hire help, such as for things you used to do yourself before. Just cutting the grass can cost you extra hundred dollars or more per month, simply because you cannot do it anymore. Not to mention any other more serious maintenance tasks or repairs around the house. So, now you may realize that you are owning the wrong home in Chesapeake. That’s why sometimes people move from owning a big house with a big yard to owning a townhouse for a more care-free (and yard-free) life.

Lifestyle Changes

As you know, your needs will change over time. You may become less able to maintain or clean up your house and /or yard. Also, your kids may have grown and already “left the nest” so now you realize you own the wrong Chesapeake , maybe it is too big already.

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