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How To Sell Your House With Tenants In Chesapeake

Are you a landlord who has an investment property in Chesapeake? Do you have tenants who are non-performing and you want to sell the house? This article will go over some basics on how you can remove this issue from your life.

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Look, you may want to sell the property you own for a number of reasons. Sometimes it may be important to you to sell the property in Chesapeake even if the lease is not expired yet. You know that there are certain rights and responsibilities that must be obeyed from both sides. The reality is, yes, you CAN sell a house with the tenants still in it and under a lease contract, or even if they are non-performing now.

If You Have Difficult Tenants

So, what do you do if your tenants are difficult and don’t want to leave? You probably do not wish to deal with evictions. Maybe you are over these proceedings. Maybe you’ve done this enough times in your life and you are just done with it. Call a direct buyer like Coastal Edge Homebuyers. We are well-equipped to deal with your tenants. Of course, we can try to get them out  before closing date, but even if they don’t want to leave, we can still buy the house and then start eviction proceedings. As far as you are concerned, you can still sell the place and be on your way to a better retirement. No worries on your end. We will take on that issue. We even have some other ways in which we can make it easier or more desirable for the tenants to move out. Just call us and let’s do this!

The Lease Situation

The tenant’s lease must be honored generally, under the fair housing act. There could be penalties to the owner if that rule is not followed. Usually, when the lease would expire soon, this is not an issue at all. If you are in the middle of a 1-year lease though, a direct home buyer can still buy the property and honor the remaining lease for the tenant. Also, there could be some incentives that the new owner can present to the tenant, which may make it easier for the them to leave before the lease expires, by their own desire. We can work through that. The bottom line is, you can still sell your property even if the lease is still not expired. You may not get the top dollar amount, since the direct home buyer may have to deal with an issue they are inheriting, but if you need to sell, it can be done.

Selling Directly

Direct sale is exactly the best way to sell a property with tenants in Chesapeake. Direct homebuyers like us would be perfectly Ok to take on such a property if the lease term and agreement is proper, the numbers work, and if the tenant pays on time. But as we mentioned above, we can always work through issues and we can still buy the property from you. We specialize in many different types of difficult situations, and dealing with tenants is one of them. We know how to deal with such issues and that is why people want to work with us in these cases, as opposed to taking this risk and issues on their own and trying to go through an eviction process. We understand that you cannot just call a realtor and sell this house, because it has tenants in it. But we can help, and we can do it without any agent commissions to pay from your end.

If you want to sell a house with tenants in Chesapeake, we can help. Just make sure you treat the tenants with respect. If we end up buying the property, we’ll do the same.

To get more information about how to sell your house with tenants in Chesapeake, send us a message or give us a call today!

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