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How to Determine If A Direct Sale of Your Chesapeake House is the Right Choice for You!

In case you didn’t know there are multiple ways to sell a Chesapeake house. One way – the way most people know about – is to sell through an agent. But there are two other ways to sell that are less known – For Sale By Owner or to sell directly to a home buying company! In this article we will review the different ways and help you choose what’s better for you and why a direct sale to a home buying company may be the best!

A graphic of a woman putting up a "For Sale"  sign in front of her house.

The Commission Savings

If you go with a direct sale to a company such as Coastal Edge Homebuyers, you will utilize significant savings – no agent commissions, no marketing costs, no photographers, no staging, and no multiple showings. Isn’t this smart? Agent commission are usually around 6%, which means if you house is $300,000 then you will pay $18,000 for a sales commission to an agent. Just so you are aware, usually that commission is split between your agent and the other one who is representing the buyer of your house.

No Clean-Up Or Repairs

Listing your Chesapeake with an agent will require you to do a good cleanup and, at a minimum, cosmetic repairs of your house. Guess what, if you want to get the max value of the sale (the numbers you usually see online) that means you have to do a total rehab of your house, which is both time- and money-consuming. You could easily spend months of time and thousands of dollars in repairs and then staging of your house to prepare it for a showings for a retails sale with an agent…

For Sale By Owner

When you sell your Chesapeake house using the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) method, you will save money by not paying half of the agent commissions (the seller agent’s half), but you will need to be tech-, marketing- and negotiations-savvy to pull this off. You will get the commission savings, but you will need to do your own marketing of the property, inspections, and negotiations with sellers, then multiple showings, and all the paperwork to get the sale done. This method is not for everyone, but in today’s day and age anything is possible, right? Well, choose wisely and don’t try to “bite more than you can chew”.

Selling On Your Terms

When you sell your house to Coastal Edge Homebuyers, you have total control over the closing date. Especially if there are no surprises with the title of the property, then you could set your own closing date, to coincide with your other/future plans. Contrast that with a sale to a retails buyer through an agent – you will not have much control over the closing date, because much of this is controlled usually by the end-buyer’s lender/bank and their procedures and timelines. With us this is never an issue, because we use our own money and we can close on your desired date!

A Fast Sale To Us Will Save You Money

Why would a fast sale to us save you money, you ask? Well, have you heard of holding costs? If your house sells through an agent for a long time, you will incur holding costs which will directly eat up from your profit of the sale of the house. Holding costs include mortgage, insurance, taxes, utilities and all the maintenance costs you will incur for the time period when you were waiting to find a better buyer or for the house to sell, period. If you sell directly to Coastal Edge Homebuyers, that will not be the case. We can close in as little as 7-10 days, so you will incur the smallest amount of holdings costs possible.

A Direct Sale Offers Guarantees, While A Listing Does Not

Did you know that hen you list your Chesapeake house with an agent, there are NO guarantees you will get the price you want, or you will sell on the timeline you want. A Deal may fall through with an end-buyer on any day!  Guess what, when you sell to us, we will provide you with both of these guarantees – the exact amount you will get and the exact closing date. This is important, because certainty gives you the ability to plan better, and to have a piece of mind. Why is our price guaranteed? Because what we say is exactly what you will get – no inspections, no additional costs, no commissions, absolutely no other hidden costs. What we say is what you’ll get!

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