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How to Calculate the Holding Costs for Your House in Chesapeake

One hundred dollar bills flying away in the shapes of paper airplanes as holding costs.

When you list your home for sale in Chesapeake, do you understand how much your holding costs are? As with many other things in business, it takes money to make money. A lot of people do not realize that when you list your house for sale it takes time for prepping, staging, repairs, utilities, taxes, insurance, mortgage, etc. These costs ad up each month the house is up for sale regardless if you live in it or not. Holding costs is a concept quite familiar for people who are in the real estate industry but it may not be familiar to you if you are not doing this every day.

So, if you are selling a home the traditional way, on top of agent commissions, repairs and staging, you also need to account for the holding costs which will eat up from your profit when you sell.

Guess what, if you relocate during the time when you are waiting your old house to be sold, the holding costs will be doubled. Moreover, these costs are the same regardless if you are selling the house yourself or through a real estate agent. So, it is important to calculate the holding costs accurately for your home in Chesapeake.


You may want to turn off utilities when you are selling your home, but it is not recommended. If you are trying to sell a house in the middle of summer and the HVAC system is off, how happy would you think the potential buyer will be when they come to loo at your house? Also, disclosure laws will make it difficult for you to hide electrical or HVAC problems. It is best to disclose such before the sale, otherwise this will affect your ability to sell and you may face legal action.


You holding costs have one element which may be one of your highest expenses when you are trying to sell your house in Chesapeake. Obviously, your mortgage still runs while you are trying to sell your house. Also, if you moved into a new house that mortgage is running to, so you may find yourself in a situation to be paying two mortgages simultaneously. Another important factor to consider is Days On Market (DOM) for a house such as yours. You need to research that too so you can calculate approximately home much more mortgage you will need to pay. This is where the right pricing comes to play. If your price is too high, your house will linger on the market longer and your holding costs will be higher.

Taxes and Insurance

Yes, just like mortgage, your taxes and insurance will also be running during the time when you are trying to sell your house in Chesapeake. In a nutshell, you are responsible for the insurance of your home until it is no longer under your name and also the taxes until the closing date. That’s just the way it works, so you will also need to account for these charges and subtract them from the final sales price of your house. Another important point is, your insurance does not cover an incident that occurs during the listing period.

Maintenance and Repairs

When you are trying to sell your house in Chesapeake, you also need to account holding costs to keep your house showroom-ready at all times, expenses for maintenance, interior and exterior, anything that may brake during that period is also your responsibility, as well as any expenses for your to travel to the house to do showings, as often as necessary, if you have relocated during the sales process.


Yes, you’ll also need to keep up with the HOA fees during the whole ownership of the house, up until you sell it. Sometimes, you may be also responsible for transfer fees too.

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