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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Direct Sale vs. A Standard Portsmouth Real Estate Listing

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We know, it’s easy to talk to someone you know and ask what to do if you want to sell your house. Most often they will tell you to call a real estate agent. Many people do not know that there are other ways to sell you home (such as For Sale By Owner or to a Real Estate Investor) but many people find it hard to get out of their comfort zones and rather pay real estate commissions… Well, did you know that in some cases you will be doing yourself a disservice for not knowing about or exploring the other options?

Typical mold for a standard real estate agent listing includes you getting into an agreement for the agent to list your house, prepare the house for showings, cleaning, repairs, then pay a hefty commission. You will be relieved to know that a direct sale in Portsmouth may be the best option to sell your house. You just need to educate yourself and see the benefits of that choice. We’ll explore more on this below.

We’ll explore five good reasons why a direct sale may be better than a standard Portsmouth real estate listing.


Let’s be real, the commissions you will pay to a real estate agent in the Hampton Roads area today is 6%. The average current price for a house in Portsmouth VA is $211,269. That’s $12,676 in agent commissions you’ll need to pay for such a house. If you have an older house, that needs repairs, even at $120,000 sales price, you’ll still pay $7,200 in commissions. Instead, if you go with direct buyers like those at Coastal Edge Homebuyers, we don’t play games and you don’t pay agent commissions. There are no other hidden fees either. What we say is what you’ll get at the closing table. Moreover, we’ll be happy to go over all your options and compare, so you can make the right choice, based on your situation and desire.


When you list your home for sale with a real estate agent, you will have to do certain prep work to make the house more attractive to buyers. You need to do cleaning, some repairs, at a minimum carpet, flooring, landscaping, etc. and then the fun begins of many strangers coming to your house to look it over for purchase. On the other hand, selling to direct buyers like those at Coastal Edge Homebuyers is easier because besides showing the house to us, there is no need to do that with countless others. Moreover, we’ve seen it all and for us you do not have to prep or stage the house. No need to do any cosmetic repairs either. No cleaning, no repairs whatsoever. Why, because we buy houses “as is”, in any condition.


If you place your house as a standard retail listing in Portsmouth, chances are you could get up to total market value (based on condition), but you will not have the luxury of time. The house will sell when it sells and it has to go through showings. Then the buyers have to have approved credit, etc. What if you need to sell your house fast? If you select to go with a direct sale for your Portsmouth house you will see that the process is much quicker and simple. In fact, we can close in a matter of days, not weeks and months. If you need to move quickly, nothing betas a direct sale to a cash buyer like Coastal Edge Homebuyers. We use cash, so no banks are necessary, so no waiting for approvals, etc. In the end, you are eliminating the possibility of a buyer backing out of the deal because of some credit approval problem

Holding Costs

Regular listing for houses in Portsmouth do incur holding costs. Yes, if you sell the house in the traditional way, you will need to account for holding costs – mortgage, utilities, taxes, insurance, other home maintenance costs, HOA fees. These can add up! All that needs to be subtracted from the final sale of your home, along wit the agent commissions, so your end check may not be as big as you thought it will be… In contrast, holding costs if you choose a direct sale go away completely. Why, because our process is the fastest possible. Working with buyers at Coastal Edge Homebuyers eliminates these cots because we can close in a week. Or, better yet, you can choose your closing date, to fit your plan of moving out or relocating. So, everything works on your terms.


Standard Portsmouth listings often cause concern over the possibility of unknown issues discovered during the inspection. These can throw quite expensive wrenches into the very best of deals if there are visibly damaged areas, such as stains on ceilings from water damage. Be sure all repairs are complete, or you’ll be taking deep discounts off your price at the negotiating table. Choosing a direct sale of your home means you save money; you can forget about passing the inspection and making repairs. Because direct buyers like those at Coastal Edge Homebuyers have the power of an entire team of real estate industry pros behind them, they can quickly inspect your property and make you a detailed and fair offer for your home as it is. 

When you list your home the “regular way” in Portsmouth, you are risking the need to make unexpected repairs, such as for water leak stains or other visibly-damaged areas. Home inspections will surely uncover something which will easily turn into an expense. On the other hand, a direct sale will save you money. No need to pass inspection or make repairs, or clean the house. We take care of everything! Direct buyers at Coastal Edge Homebuyers are professionals and we will give you a fair offer on your property. We don’t do low-ball offers. We will give the you an offer based on the current condition of your house. You have the convenience to sell your home as is.

At Coastal Edge Homebuyers, we understand through our own experience that it’s important to listen and understand your concerns. Our goal is to help mitigate all of your concerns so you can quickly move on with the next chapter of your life. Contact Coastal Edge Homebuyers at +1 (757) 414-7117 to learn more about how we can help you.

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