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Comparing Your Selling Options For Your Newport News Real Estate

It’s great to know what your options are when you want to sell you house in Newport News. In this article we will review the three ways to do this: 1. Fore Sale By Owner (FSBO), 2. Direct Sale (to an investor), and 3. Selling through a real estate agent. This will help you make an educated choice when the time comes to sell your property.

Newport News house with a small yard with green grass, photographed on a sunny day from a side angle.

Most people are familiar with the process to just call a realtor and sell your house that way. Well, this works Ok in many cases, but not all. For example, if you got with a FSBO option, you won’t have to pay agent commissions. Ok, we are kidding, of course you can pay the commission, but guess to whom – you!! Let’s compare the three methods of selling in a little more detail..

Selling On Your Own

When you try to sell your house as FSBO (For Sale By Owner) in Newport News, you will save money, because you will not have to pay agent commission, which could be around 3% and amounts to $7,500 for a $250,000 house. Well, that’s the good news. The challenges are several with this method. You will need to do all the prep work on  the house for the sale, get great pictures, do staging, pay for all the marketing, do all the showings, and do all the paperwork by yourself. No, do the saving still make sense for you? Moreover, you will need to know the local real estate market and pricing and be able to negotiate. If this ideas does not sound good anymore, read on about the other methods to sell your house.

A Direct Sale

This way is the simplest and easiest. If you do not wish to deal with house prep work, cleaning, showings, rehab, multiple showings, sales paperwork, etc., you could resort to selling your Newport News directly to an investor like Coastal Edge Homebuyers. This will eliminate all the hassles. The sales price will be lower than retail, but investors buy with all cash, offer super quick closing, and, better yet – you really are selling your house “as is”, meaning absolutely no fees, no cleaning, no repairs, and no commissions to realtors. Some people also love the fact that with this method you can pretty much choose your own timeline and a date for the closing, if you have a certain timeframe to make the sale and/or move.

Hiring An Agent

This is the way most commonly known to people. When you hire an agent to sell your Newport News, that person will sign a contract with you so they can represent you. This contract makes it official that you will also pay them a commission. They will do the marketing and showings for you. Also, if you want to get top dollar for your house you will need to do rehab (total rehab if you want top price). Rehab can run in tens of thousands of dollars and it may take 1-4 months to complete. Then you will have to do complete cleanup, staging, and then multiple showings of the house to potential buyers. This process can be quite challenging if you are living in the same house too… It is actually not advisable for you to even be there when the agent is showing your house. This may work for some people but we believe it may be a lot of hassle for some…

Selling your Newport News home will be easier when you have the information above. Hopefully, this was enough to help you compare the three methods well and make a wise choice. If for any reason you need help deciding which way may be best for you, just call us. We at Coastal Edge Homebuyers pride ourselves in helping people, even if you do not sell to us.

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