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5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Virginia Beach

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So, you want to sell your Virginia Beach house. You’ve done some research and do not want to go the traditional route – to sell your house through a real estate agent and pay them commissions. We at Coastal Edge Homebuyers can be a great resource for you to make you a cash offer on your house or at least to review your situation completely free of charge and give you some options and our recommendation for what is the best course of action for you. Call us at (757) 414-7117.

Remember, listing your house with an agent involves cleaning, repairs, staging, multiple showings, holding costs while the house is selling, etc. and there is the time factor too – it will take 2-3 months to sell that way in Virginia Beach. If you don’t want that, read on…

No Repairs

When you go the traditional route to sell your house, you will need to do inspection and appraisal. During inspection you may find some surprises too that will need to be fixed. We know that in your and their best interest, the real estate agent will ask you do stage the house the proper way with doing repairs based on the inspection, cleaning of the house, staging for multiple showings. What if you have a lot of stuff in the house that you don’t care for? Potential buyers will be scared of that. Selling a house with an agent is more suitable for people who have cleaner houses and recent repairs. Most older houses will end up being sold to an investor as is, anyway. We are a house cash buyers and can get you a fast cash offer without you paying any agent commissions or any other fees!

Pack your Stuff and Go

When you attempt to sell your house through an agent, you will be advised to pack your belongings in a garage or better yet – in a storage place, unless you have an uncle with a big house where you can put all of your stuff. Your house has to be pretty much empty while selling, because potential buyers don’t like it at all to see your personal belongings there. Besides, the stuff makes the rooms look smaller. What about pictures of the rooms? Would you like to have pictures of all of those personal things online anyway? Many people don’t realize that no matter how nice your house may look like to you, other people would prefer neutral colors on all walls and a 100% empty space. What if you, or renters still live there? It complicates things. On the other hand, company like Coastal Edge Homebuyers buys houses as is, so you can sell your Virginia Beach home quickly, without any hassles. Of course, you can pack the belongings you care most for, and we can help you with that if needed too! The rest? Just leave it there. No need to do any cleaning or repairs. We buy houses in any condition. Remember, leaving your stuff that you don’t need in the house does not reduce the sale price when you sell to a company like us.

No Closing Costs!

When you sell directly to a house buyer in Virginia Beach you will not pay any closing costs. Yes, that is true. In fact, you pay no other fees at all. What you see on the offer is exactly how much cash you will get at closing. So, you will save money because of no closing expenses or agent commissions.

Zero Marketing Expenses

The marketing expenses to sell your home the traditional way are always passed on to you through the real estate agent commissions. And you have to have a picture perfect house to fetch top dollar from the sale. You want to get the max amount from the sale compared to other similar houses you see in your neighborhood online? Those houses you see there are most likely completely empty and they have been rehabbed in the last 2 months, not 5 or 10 years ago. When you sell to a house cash buyer like us, there are absolutely no marketing costs you pay. The only thing you do is just call us and let us take a look at the property. That’s it!

Monthly Costs Eliminated

Th monthly maintenance costs to own a home when you no longer live there can be staggering in the thousands, especially if you can’t, or don’t want to rent it out. If you’ve already relocated, or you are about to, the costs to hold a home that is not producing for you are very high – mortgages, repairs, utilities, city governance (landscaping, HOA, and other expenses), personal property taxes, etc. In these cases, selling your house directly to a house buyer makes a lot of sense. Call us and we will help you see the situation from all angles, so you can make a great informed decision. This is what we do – we help people decide on what to do with a real estate asset when they no longer live there or are getting ready to leave behind. We can give you a cash offer or make another recommendation based on your particular situation.

Selling a house which you no longer need in Virginia Beach is easy with us. It’s a very simple paperwork and process. We will hold your hand throughout the whole process, which is rather quick – one to four weeks on an average. Take whatever you need from the house, and leave everything else behind, including any monthly payments or maintenance costs, or taxes. We will take care of all and help you move on with your life. Call Coastal Edge Homebuyers today at (757) 414-7117 or send us a message to learn just how quickly we can help you start saving money!

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