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4 Reasons To Work With An Investor Instead of An Agent To Sell Your Chesapeake House

You need to sell your house. You keep asking yourself if you should hire an agent to sell your house in Chesapeake, Virginia. What are your options? Do you have to pay commissions and do cleaning and repairs? Is there another way? You bet there is… you can sell directly to a house buyer, like us. So what’s different if you sell it that way?

Two story visually distressed house with white siding and small green grass yard.

No Commissions or any Fees

If you sign up an agreement with an agent to sell your house, you are automatically signing yup to pay commissions too – right around 6%. Moreover, if you need to pay also 4% closing assistance, you may end up paying 10% out during the sale. In simple terms, if your house sells for $250,000, you will be automatically paying $25,000 for the above costs, so you will be getting $225,000 in the end. In contrast, when you sell your Chesapeake house to Coastal Edge Homebuyers, you pay no commissions or fees. We’ll even pay all of your closing costs for the sale of your house!

No Property Showings

When you are selling your Chesapeake, Virginia house through an agent, you will need to do multiple showings to potential buyers. What if you live there? It will be tough! Because, you will need to keep the house super clean every day. Moreover, you will need to do some staging to make the house better/more presentable to potential buyers, so you may need to make rearrangements of furniture, cleaning up, getting rid of some older stuff, etc. On the other hand, if you sell your house to us, there will be only a couple of showings (to us and our contractors, that’s about it), and get this – no staging and no cleanup needed. Why? Because we buy houses as-is, in any condition. The mess in the house does not change the purchase price.

Waiting Time Frame before the House Sells

Selling your Chesapeake, Virginia  house through an agent will take some time. It’s not unusual to take 2-4 months, sometimes even longer, if your house is priced too high. The agent will ask you to to preparations, cleaning, repairs and staging. These things take time. Then, the end-buyer will probably talk to a bank to get a loan and then the mortgage lender will take time for their dure process while approving the loan and the docs for the particular house they are giving the buyer a loan to buy. This process is primarily controlled by the bank, not your desired timeframe. So, what if you need to sell fast? Then you will be better off selling to a direct house buyer, like us. We’ll buy your house within 2 weeks, if necessary. Moreover, we can even let you choose your own closing date, as long as there are no surprises with the title of your house.

Inspections & Repairs

Professional house buying companies in Virginia will buy your house as-is, meaning no repairs and no cleanup needed. This is a big plus, especially if the house is full of stuff and is in need of many repairs. Please note, when you work with an investor, we will not ask you to do an inspection and will not ask you to make any repairs at all. And the stuff that is int he house – no worries at all. You can keep whatever you need and the rest – just leave it there! No need to order a dumpster or cleaning service. We will take care of everything for you. And don’t worry, leaving old things in the house will not affect the selling price.

When you work with an investor instead of an agent to sell your Chesapeake house, you may even have an option to stay in the house a little longer after the closing date. There will be a couple of conditions attached to that, but it is possible. When you work with an agent in Chesapeake, you are expected to vacate the house before the day of closing. Get this – we can buy your house even if it was a rental and still has tenants in it. Of course, this is a last resort scenario, but it’s possible. If you need to sell fast, we can help, regardless of the situation with the house (how much stuff is in it, or who lives there now). We can work through everything and any situation and still close much faster than anyone else.

Want to learn more about why you should work with an investor instead of an agent to sell your Chesapeake house? Give us a call today at (757) 414-7117 or send us a message to get your offer!

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